evian’s 2011 Issey Miyake Limited Edition Bottle

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canadian readers!

Evian the french water bottler has successfully carved out a niche following for their water,  releasing designer collector bottles every year.  Issey Miyake has followed in the footsteps of other fashion designers in designing a pattern on a limited edition glass bottle for evian water.  Christian Lacroix was the first designer, then Jean-Paul Gaultier and Paul Smith followed in successive years, and now Issey Miyake has designed a pattern for evian to commemorate the year end as well.



From the press release, “For the end of the year celebrations, evian® and ISSEY MIYAKE have designed a pure bottle, blooming with both optimism and freshness.

Sprung from Pleats Please, the famous pleating of the designer, an imaginary shimmering flower decorates the most essential source of life, symbol of youth, the natural mineral water evian®. Thanks to this new pattern, evian® and ISSEY MIYAKE turn your end of the year tables into a field of flowers, full of poetry and humor. The bottle will exist in two versions, one of them sold exclusively at Colette an on http://www.myevian.com”;

BevWire has picked up the Jean-Paul Gaultier and Paul Smith collectibles and will be picking up the Issey Miyake bottle this year, but is still missing the Christian Lacroix for his collection.

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24 Responses to evian’s 2011 Issey Miyake Limited Edition Bottle

  1. Terence says:

    I just wonder where can I find this Issey Miyake Evian in Oakville, Ontario area ? Just looking for 2-3 bottles for my friends. Thank you for your time.

    • BevWire says:

      Hey Terence,

      I haven’t picked it up either! The Issey Miyake collectible will most likely be found at your regular and high-end grocery supermarkets (ie. Sobeys, Metro, IGA, Loblaw) and the occasional Shoppers Drug Mart. It will also depend on whether the store decides to order it in or not. If they do, the bottles are likely to stick around for Christmas and into the early months of 2011. Hope this helps!

  2. Wendy Lee says:

    Hi…i would like to get Issey Miyake Evian in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. May i know where can i get it? Thanks

    • BevWire says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Unfortunately I’m not too sure on the grocey store and supermarkets in Kuala Lumpur. If you have some friends in Canada, they can go to a Shoppers Drug Mart or a Sobey’s to pick it up. The other alternative I can think of is by going to the website and ordering it off there.

    • david says:

      u can get it at jaya store empire shopping mall

      • kenny tan says:

        where the jaya store empire shopping mall??in kl???

    • david says:

      do u have the 2010 bottle by paul smith?where can i get it?still hunting for it

  3. jas jhol says:

    Why does your site show Issey Miyake as the 2010 design and you metion that it is 2011’s design?

    • BevWire says:

      Hi Jas,

      The bottle is designed in 2010, but it’s for sale through end of 2010 and 2011. Like the designers before it, the limited edition bottles are designed during the year and released for sale near the end of the year. Still, it’s a design for the 2011 year. Hope that helps!

  4. D says:


    I was wondering if you know where I could still find the 2010 Paul Smith bottle in Ontario? Thanks!

    • birkoff says:

      as for christian lacroix have more than 1 design, a snow quen shape bottle ang the one with the cap and the stainless steel bottom . i thnk it only available in canada and somewhere in US. i can find it in asia.

      for the 2007 last mountain shape, one of my fren saw it in HK but she thought i have it so she didnt bring back to me… very said…

  5. birkoff says:

    am from malaysia, just ask my fren bought it from s’pore.
    heard the m’sia dealer said it only available at issey miyake boutique, but my cousin told me last year the JPG were available at Isetan KLCC. i collected the from yr 2000 till now, just missed the last 207 mountain shape limited edition. do anyone have the extra?
    add me at fb birkoff ng @ nyp_7@yahoo.com and you can see all my collection.

    for KL from, needless to try at the ck tang, soz my cousin just called up and told me the boutique girl don’t even knw that. sogo Isetan KLCC. I bought 13 btl cristian lacroix to al my fren, am a hardcore evian collector..

  6. birkoff says:

    paul smith have 5 colour cap.. i had 2 sets of them, but still, miss the liquid drop and mountain shape design… sigh…

  7. birkoff says:

    sorry its the snow queen shape and can’t fint in in malaysia/asia.

    heard that will cost somewhere between 90 ~ 100 bucks per btl

    • Robert says:

      Hi Guys, I got Evian from Year 2000 until 2010… I was thinking about selling them all.. But I dont know who much they’re here in Malaysia to buy now! My friend is trying to get the 2011 for me now:) 2010 I got 3 bottles,with different colour cap:)

      • Birkoff Ng says:

        hi there, do you have the 2007 bottle?
        howmush you tend to sell?

  8. Robert says:

    Well I just got my 2 bottles of the 2011 Issey Miyake from jaya store in Subang yesterday…I’m so happy to get them.Now I’m waiting for the year 2012 one:)

  9. kenny says:

    Robert!pls tel me where the jaya store!i want to buy too.tq ya…

    • Robert says:

      Hi Kenny,
      if you’re still looking for the 2011 Issey Miyake bottle…I still got one left…I brought one for myself & a Friend.But my friend has not come to get it……I was thinking about selling all my collection from year 2000 until 2011… What is the best price for all of them…

  10. kenny says:

    Birkoff Ng,r u have extra btl cristian lacroix!i like to collect it!

    • Birkoff Ng says:

      hi, sorry for the delay, I don’t have the extra bottle to sell, sorry for that.

    • helloman says:

      You can buy the Evian bottle designed by Lacroix on eBay (USA). Search with keywords Evian Lacroix. (I am not the seller).

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