Coming soon to Canada – the proliferation of energy shots

Anyone ever feel like they just need a boost of energy during their day? Most people go and buy a can of Red Bull, or some other form of energy drink. Lately, the craze has been energy shots. These shots are 2-3 ounces in size and will give you the same boost of energy as a regular energy drink. They pack more caffeine and the boost comes sooner.

5_hour_energy_berryThese energy shots are stored at room temperature and are kept right at the cashier on plastic racks. The retail price on these drinks are the same as a regular can of energy ($2.99 for a 473ml can), so my guess is the margin is pretty high since there is less raw materials needed to product and package the beverage. Their size also makes them much more convenient because it can be consumed in a few seconds or it can be easily stored in your pocket or purse.

The growth is fueled by market leader Five-Hour Energy (see left) as there are no other major players in the market. All the other companies still are waiting on food safety approvals or production capacities. However, the market will soon be saturated as companies like Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle, and Beaver Buzz bring in their own energy shots.

Get ready to see the battle as these companies battle for your money when all you really wanted was an energy drink to refresh yourself and give you a quick boost.


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