Innovative packaging: a donut plastic bottle

Plup_glass, courtesy of

The Martin Lindstrom report recently published a video on Stefan Linfoss, an entreprenerial designer that created a plastic bottle in a donut shape.  Linfoss claims the bottle serves both functional and environmental aspects.  The functional side being that the plastic bottle is “stackable”, where one bottle can be placed on top of another bottle.  The environmental aspect is that a portion of the revenue from each bottle sold goes toward an environmental organization.

The bottle itself holds 400ml of liquid, has a plastic cap in the shape of a starfish, and is made from a recylcable material called HDPE (high density polyethylene).  PLUP currently is the only company that is using this new plastic bottle for water, with extensions to include juices coming.

The bottle itself is a refreshing idea and also has abundant opportunities for extensions.  For example, to raise awareness or campaign for breast cancer, the donut bottle can be colored pink and serve water or juices.  Or to celebrate Christmas, the bottle can be decorated in the shape of a wreath, or manufactured into a different shape altogether (say a Christmas tree).

However, there are a few drawbacks of this design.  The current format only holds 400ml of liquid and the average bottle size is 500ml – would a larger bottle be uncomfortable for the user to either hold or carry?  Also, while the shape is innovative, it may be for that reason that beverage companies do not commit to using this bottle for fear of alienating the consumer base.  The bottle would only appeal to premium or specialty beverage companies (maybe Evian given its history of designer bottles) and produced in limited quantities.

  • The 8-minute Martin Lindstrom interview with Stefan Linfoss can be found here.
  • More pictures of this donut-shaped plastic bottle can be found here.

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