Coca-Cola Releases Single With Latest Advertisement

cokeopenhapppinessCoca-Cola has launched a new music single to accompany the release of their third “Happiness Factory” commercial.  This jingle features established artists (Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes) and the up-and-coming Grammy nominated songstress Janelle Monae.  This single was produced by Butch Walker and Polow Da Don, who have worked with artists like Usher, Fergie, and Avril Lavigne.  The original song and the remix version can be found here.

Umut Ozaydinli, global music marketing manager of  The Coca-Cola Company says, “Adding a musical element to our popular Happiness Factory franchise is a natural progression to really making it a trans-media property.  Working with established artists like Cee-Lo Green and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and up and coming artists like Janelle Monae really brings together a unique mix of genres of music. Our new campaign is all about inviting people to share a little happiness and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. We believe that, through the use of music, we are able to enhance this message and help people to connect and have fun with the campaign.”

Music will be embedded into the Open Happiness campaign. The track will appear as the soundtrack to the new Happiness Factory TVC and be utilized as a vehicle outside of traditional advertising. In addition, a percentage of the single sales will be donated to charitable causes through the Company’s ‘Live Positively’ platform.

To support the release of this single, Coca-Cola has implemented a global marketing efforts which include:

  • a Myspace premiere of the single on March 16th, at
  • an iTunes release, bundled with the behind-the-scenes “the making of” video
  • 200 million packs of Coca-Cola products in France and Great Britain promoting the new single
  • a music video premiere of the single in May (more news about premiere as it nears)
  • intergration into Coca-Cola’s radio and online marketing efforts
  • promotion at London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York’s Time Square

The release of this single is significant for the company and the brand.  Unlike the other two Happiness Factory commercials, this commercials features lyrics to accompany the five-note melody.  This allows consumers to develop an even closer relationship with the product because there’s less mystery and ambiguity between Coca-Cola and the consumer.

Also, Coca-Cola has established a relationship with music artists and producers, and will be able to use music artists to promote their beverage products.  Coca-Cola may also continue this relationship with other artists and producers to create other singles.  A suggestion may be to create singles that are geographically focused, and use artists from that region and convert it into the local language (ie. Chinese music artists for China, Indian music artists for India, etc).

Good move on the company’s part, can’t wait to see the music video!

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