vitaminwater10: launching at a new york des10nation

vitaminwater10On April 2nd, vitaminwater10 was officially released.  This beverage is naturally sweetened and contains only 10 calories, and promises to taste the same as the regular vitaminwater beverages.  The low calorie drink is available in 4 flavors: xxx (Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate), essential (Orange), citrus (Tropical Citrus), and multi-v (Lemonade).  To celebrate this launch, the company had Carmen Electra host a launch party in the New York Soho district.  The launch party was a highly exclusive event that only included the brand’s closest friends (guests included Madonna and 50cent, among other celebrities).  After this April 2nd launch party, vitaminwater10 extends the party to the public from April 3rd to April 12th from 10am to 7pm.  During this time, anyone interested can go and attend this event.  So what happened during the launch party?  Guests played on the Wii, competed on the foosball table, and snapped shots in the photo booth.  Waiters/waitresses also served guests vitaminwater10 in mini shotglasses.  If you are in the area, you can go and experience this launch party and bring some news back to BevWire, thanks in advance.

Now that vitaminwater is available in low calorie flavors, which promises to offer the same taste as the regular calorie flavors, why still make the regular calorie flavors?  Should they discontinue making these flavors?  The answer is no.

Not that vitaminwater has the same brand stature as Coke or Tropicana, but if they stopped making the regular flavors and phased customers into the low calorie flavors, they would be just as bad as New Coke or Tropicana’s one-and-done packaging.  The brand is still in its expansion phase outside of the United States, where vitaminwater10 isn’t even widely available yet.  To phase out certain flavors would stunt the brand’s growth, not to mention it would confuse customers on what the manufacturersare really offering.  You may find vitaminwater10 xxx listed in one place, while the regular vitaminwater xxx is only listed down the street.

However, glaceau is certainly walking the fine line between providing options to capture every last consumer and overloading the consumer with variety.  The company does seem to know what it is doing, so we’ll have to see if and when they reach the critical point where there are too many options available to consumers.

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