Happy Planet introduces juice shots

A comment posted by Christine Leonard on BevWire’s Happy Planet entry highlights that Happy Planet has recently launched some all-natural juice beverage shots.  Although, it may seem like a case where they are looking for free publicity – all other web sources show Christine Leonard’s contact information so it is likely she works for Happly Planet and is providing some buzz marketing while the product is being introduced to the market.  In any case, this is an intriguing innovation and a post has been written about these Happy Planet juice shots, providing a quick analysis of the launch.  Please continue reading…

There are 4 types of juice shots:

  • Energy – main ingredients includes Ginko Biloba and Cha de Bugre to help the user main an energy high.
  • Immunity – main ingredients includes Fucodian, Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C to protect the user from common sicknesses such as colds and flus.
  • Detox – main ingredients includes Burdock, Milk Thistle, Ginger, Sodium, and Potassium which helps cleanse and protect the body from harmful toxins.
  • Glow – main ingredients includes Coenzyme Q10, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Selenium, and Vitamin E which helps the user regenerate cell and skin tissue for smooth skin.

A news release also mentions that these juice shots will be available in gas stations (Shell, Mohawk/Husky, Chevron), convenience stores (Mac’s, Quickie, etc) and supermarkets (Safeway, Capers, Whole Foods).

It appears that everyone is getting on board with the shots.  First energy drinks and now juice beverages too.  BevWire previously mentioned that margins are notably higher and costs are lower therefore it makes sense to be in this category.  Whereas juices and energy drinks are mainly found in the cooler vault at the back of the store, consumers may find these shots in the beverage aisle or at the cashier till (providing an additional point of interaction before their complete their purchases).

While it may seem too early to make a decision, it seems like Happy Planet has made a good move here.  While the all-natural juices category is growing, this proliferation leads to over-stimulating the consumer and the products ultimately receive less exposure given this proliferation.  Therefore, providing juice shots is a key differentiator that will have consumers take notice – it also helps to have your product positioned at the counter when consumers are ready to pay (increasing impulse consumption).  Second, the shots market is mainly dominated by energy shots.  By offering juices in a smaller serving, Happy Planet will potentially increase their share of pocket by switching consumers looking for a quick, small beverage without the caffeine (with the exception of Energy+ which does contain caffeine).

Happy Planet has also supported this launch with its event marketing.  Happy Planet will be in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal to promote their new innovation.

At the moment, BevWire has not noticed any other juice shots available in Canada.  This gives Happy Planet a monopoly on the market without any competitors.  However, given the history of a product’s success, we may be primed to see more juice shots introduced to the market soon enough.

One thought on “Happy Planet introduces juice shots

  1. Bill Tubbs

    Anyone know why Happy Planet has discontinued its Energy+ energy shot? Shops here in Vancouver have none left and on their website it just says “discontinued”.


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