Vitaminwater Sync: Download of vitamins and antioxidants

VWsyncThis summer, vitaminwater will be cross-promoting their new vitaminwater flavor in a collaboration with  To promote their new flavor – Sync – vitaminwater will be producing 24 million bottles of this Berry-Cherry flavored drink nationwide with the MySpace logo and an under the cap code.  Users may redeem this code to download a free MP3 song by going to the MySpace website.

This marks the first time that vitaminwater launches a flavor through a cross-promotion with another company.  The campaign, which runs until July 31, will be supported through radio and magazine advertisements.  In-store advertisements will also support this campaign, with celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, and 50 Cent making appearances to promote this flavor.  Sync, which was released in April, is already among vitaminwater’s top performances.

vitaminwater has been existence for quite some time, this does mark the first time where cross promotion is used to market one of its beverages.  However, given the success of the brand, and the struggles that MySpace is having, one has to wonder why MySpace has been chosen for this partnership.  The on-package advertising tagline –  “Download of vitamins and antioxidants” – certainly helps with making this work, but wouldn’t iTunes have been a better partner for vitaminwater?  Or they were aiming to build a strong social network following, wouldn’t Facebook have been a better option?

If selecting a strong music partner, iTunes would have been a better choice than MySpace.  And Facebook may have been a better partner if vitaminwater was only interested in building a social network following.  However, MySpace offers the best combination of functionality for vitaminwater.  iTunes would have been too narrow of a choice (music only) and therefore wouldn’t have been the most appropriate choice.  MySpace is stronger in the United States (where this marketing campaign is being executed) so they would make a better partner.  MySpace’s website seems to offer its users more functionality and would therefore allow users to express themselves better with the brand.  Not to mention that the celebrities (Carrie Underwood, 50 Cent, etc) have a stronger tie to MySpace than to Facebook.

It will interesting to see if this campaign meets expectations.  Conversion metrics indicate that social networks are among the lowest to convert consumers into customers, and MySpace is currently struggling to turn a profit.  BevWire will stay updated on this and try to evaluate this after the campaign is fully executed…

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