Pay attention to drank, the drink that slows “your roll”

drankbeverageDeveloped and produced by Innovated Beverage Group Inc (IBG) and launched in the United States since early 2008, this lightly carbonated beverage contains ingredients (melatonin, valerian root, and rose hips) targeted to help the user relax their mind and body without medication or sleeping aids.  Melatonin is a hormone released in the human brain to regulate the sleep cycle, while rose hips and valerian root are two ingredients that contain calming agents to help relieve the user from stress and insomnia.

The initial marketing targets the hip hop community, with artists such as Ludacris, TI, Three 6 Mafia helping develop the beverage’s image.  Since its introduction, this beverage is gaining traction as it has signed up numerous local distributors across the United States, and recently gaining nationwide distribution with 7-Eleven’s convenience stores.

Having gained national distribution in the United States, what will IBG’s drank beverage do next?  Develop new flavors to increase the offerings to the public?  Stay with the current flavor and gain international distribution?  Both are important steps, and IBG may very well be working on achieving new distribution, but they should also focus on increasing their product offering.  By increasing variety drank will also be able to leverage on the success of their current flavor (grape) and introduce new flavors.  Also, having variety increases the product’s shelf presence.  In a business environment where product positioning is paramount, IBG should look to produce new flavors to serve a double benefit.

drank is currently distributed in 24 of the 50 US states and is found mainly in the southern states.  When and if this beverage makes it way up north, feel free to try one to see how it will “slow your roll.”

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