vitaminwater10 adds 4 more: go-go, mega-c, recoup, and revitalize

vitaminwater10, the low calorie (only 10, hence the name) and naturally sweetened flavored water will double its offerings next month.  Starting August 17, 2009, go-go, mega-c, recoup, and revitalize will join xxx, energy, multi-v, and essential in the beverage company’s low calorie product offerings.  Here’s what vitaminwater has to say about their new flavors:

  • vitaminwater10 go-go (mixed berry): contains 250 milligrams of ribose, 100% vitamin c, 25% vitamin e and four b vitamins per bottle, because we know that every day is a marathon. we’ve formulated go-go to give you a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to help you reach your daily finish line.courtesy of
  • vitaminwater10 mega-c (grape raspberry): formulated with 250% vitamin c, 25% zinc, plus four b vitamins per bottle, to help keep your immune system fighting the good fight to stay healthy.
  • vitaminwater10 recoup (peach-mandarin): armed with 100% vitamin b3, b5, b6 and b12, per bottle, plus 100% vitamin c, because recoup was created to help you cope with whatever life throws at you.
  • vitaminwater10 revitalize (green tea): it can’t give you back your childhood, but it can load you up with 140 milligrams of protective antioxidants like vitamin c, egcg and green tea polyphenols per bottle. protective antioxidants can help to support your metabolism and immune system so you can fight those “aging” free radicals.

BevWire wonders what the impact (if any) these new flavors will have on consumers.  The regular vitaminwater green-tea flavor is called Rescue, whereas the 10-calorie edition is called Revitalize.  Power-C (also known as Mega-C) in Canada is a dragonfruit flavor, whereas the 10-calorie edition called Mega-C is a grape-raspberry flavor.

Has vitaminwater10 taken a new direction?  The original 4 flavors (xxx, energy, multi-v, and essential) kept the same name from both vitaminwater and vitaminwater10.  Now these 4 new flavors have different names and flavors.  Consumers may get confused about what the company is doing with these new flavors, since the names and flavors don’t match with what they expected from the regular flavors.

In addition, vitaminwater10 appears to be going down the same path as vitaminwater: too many flavors.  With 15 flavors of regular vitaminwater, and 8 flavors of vitaminwater10, that adds to up a total of 23 flavors!  Unless the company starts to narrow out the flavors, they risk cannabalization.  Sometimes, less is more.  The market is already saturated with numerous variations of this beverage, and consumers will simply be switching back and forth between the flavors.  In the end, the loser may be vitaminwater.

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