Glaceau’s smartwater coming to Canada

smartwaterSmartwater is vapor-distilled water with added electrolytes.  BevWire has found out that Glaceau will be introducing smartwater for Canada.  Within the next few weeks, smartwater will slowly be appearing on shelves in two Canadian markets: Toronto and Vancouver.  This brand of water for now will only be available in one size: 591ml.  In addition, only a select number of stores in both Toronto and Vancouver will be presented with the offer to carry this product.  There will be less than 200 stores Canada-wide that carry this product, and only places like Whole Foods, Choices, and Urban Fare will carry it.

Not that the brand is unsuccessful, but why introduce this product in such a small community?  And why only Toronto and Vancouver, not Edmonton, Montreal, or Ottawa?

Answer to the first question: Glaceau is using the “pull” marketing strategy.  Instead of selling or “pushing” the product into stores, Glaceau is letting the product slowly receive attention, gain traction and have customers request (or “pull”) for the product from other stores.  Also, this gives the company more power in deciding where to release this product.  By seeing the sample of stores that will carry the product at first opportunity (Whole Foods, Choices, Urban Fare, etc), it is understandable that the brand’s perception is for healthy living.  Both these stores and smartwater share the “healthy living” values.

Answer to the second question: Toronto and Vancouver both have a high proportion of inhabitants that embody the company’s “healthy living” value.  While Edmonton and Ottawa may also have people that live healthy, the majority of the people are not.  However, Montreal is a curious omission.  Montreal seems to fit into both criteria, but is not included in the cities targeted for the initial launch.  A possible reason is that The Coca-Cola Company, owner of Glaceau, has a weak prescence in Quebec.  The province has warm feelings toward Pepsi product, but traditionally is neutral or cold toward Coca-Cola products.  Therefore, for fear of a cold reception to a high potential product, Montreal has been left of the list of initial launch cities.

For those living in Toronto or Vancouver, feel free to go out and pick up a bottle of smartwater when it becomes available!

**UPDATE ** Glaceau’s smartwater is now available everywhere, find out more here.

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