Nos Energy Drink re-introduces 473ml can in Canada

NosLogoNos Energy Drink has re-launched their energy drink in the 473ml aluminum can.  The question is, why?  This energy drink had a great concept in their unique bottle.  The bottle was shaped like a nitrous oxide tank, the cap was shaped like a nozzle, and the resealable cap sounds like you were opening a nitrous oxide tank each time you unscrewed the cap.

The aluminum can doesn’t have any of those unique features.  So why re-introduce the product in a can?  Especially one that is priced 60 cents less , and holds less than the bottle.  BevWire speculates because the rest of the market has their energy drinks available in 473ml cans, so Nos wants to re-introduce the 473ml can so they can compete in that package format as well.

BevWire thinks it’s a bad idea, especially for the Canadian market.  Canada doesn’t have nearly as much people that consume energy drinks as United States.  Nor are we as receptive to the drag racing concept compared to our American counterparts.  Furthermore, downsizing the product without any unique features makes Nos loses their appeal.  The energy drink market is maturing, and profit margins are smaller.  So why bring out a product will provide you with slimmer margins?  If anything, Nos should introduce more flavors (Grape is also available, but Fruit Punch still isn’t) or innovate their package to garner more unique selling features.

One suggestion:  a resealable aluminum can with a spinner cap.  This makes the product more closely resemble of a nitrous oxide tank.

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