What’s going on with Orangina?


Why has Orangina been disappearing of store shelves and coolers and has not been readily replenished?   BevWire has received word from an inside source that both the 296ml and the 591ml bottles will cease distribution from their current distributor.  Orangina is licensed by Canada Dry Mott’s Inc in Canada, but Canada Dry Mott’s Inc is part of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPSG).  In Canada, DPSG does not have their own distribution network and therefore piggyback on a variety of distributors for their products.  Dr. Pepper, Crush, 7Up, and Schweppes comes through the Pepsi Bottling Group.  A&W, Canada Dry, Orangina, comes through Coca-Cola Bottling Company.  Hires, Snapple, Welch’s, Mott’s, Clamato and a variety of other products are licensed to other distributors.  Could Orangina, which is currently being distributed by Coca-Cola, be switched over to Pepsi for distribution?

BevWire believes this product to be somewhat of a cult favorite.  Orangina’s success can be attributed to both its great taste and great attention to detail.  The bottle is uniquely shaped with tiny bubbles, given the consumer the feel of orange or lemon peel.  And it comes in a glass bottle rather than plastic bottle therefore not comprising the taste.  Let’s hope that Orangina remains in the Canadian marketplace, as this beverage has a substantial customer base and loyal fans.

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