Evian To Release 2010 Designer Glass Bottle

Evian contracts a designer to help design a limited bottle every year for them, and this year was no different.  Christian Lacroix was the designer in 2008, and Jean Paul Gaultier was the designer in 2009.  This year, Evian has partnered with Paul Smith to design a bottle to be released in 2010.  The bottle is supposed to fit in with Evian’s new advertising campaign (youthfulness) and comes in five different collectible caps.

From the public release new brief,  “The new bottle is designed in vibrant colors with a festive theme and a nod to the famous Paul Smith stripes, which elegantly underlines the purity of the natural spring water from the French Alps. It also captures the youthful and optimistic mindset of the brand’s new signature message, Live Young(TM).

“The Paul Smith Limited Edition 2010 bottle truly captures the new Live Young(TM) mindset that believes everything is possible and challenges the status quo,” said Jerome Goure, vice president of marketing for Danone Waters of America, Inc. “This third annual designer Evian bottle is a perfect addition to our current portfolio of products, and we’re thrilled to include it in our collection.”

“Youth is not just a question of age, it’s also a question of attitude,” says Paul Smith. “The concept of the bottle is to complement the brand’s vision of the Live Young(TM) campaign, by infusing health, youth and excitement into the design.”

If you are a collector of fancy and well-decorated bottles, here’s one more to the collection.  BevWire wanted to grab a picture and post it here on the blog, but technology has failed me.  Instead, here’s the link to the picture.


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