New Leaf Tea: something wrong with their packaging?


New Leaf tea was introduced into the Canadian market in the past few years.  BevWire recently took notice, and realized that something was off with their packaging.

The beverage company produces a  Blue Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea.  Trouble is, the Blue Tea is in a yellow bottle, Green Tea is in a red bottle, and White Tea is in a green bottle.

Whoever was in charge of the packaging didn’t do their research.  A regular consumer interested in red tea would likely choose the red bottle.  A customer interested in green tea would choose the green bottle, and so on.  Who would have thought that if you choose the red bottle, you would be getting  green tea?

If there are any sales figures that BevWire can obtain, New Leaf teas most likely will exist as a blip on the radar (if they even show up at all).  However, if the packaging was refreshed to show the tea in their correct glass bottles,  sales may very well increase (and still show up as a blip on the radar).

3 thoughts on “New Leaf Tea: something wrong with their packaging?

    1. BevWire

      Good point Nicole, I noticed the leaf aligns to the type of tea as well. Since New Leaf does not do a lot (or any that I have seen) advertising they rely on their bottle’s packaging to convince the customer to choose their teas. The leaf itself may be too small of an indication to the type of tea. If customers wanted red tea and picked up the red bottle believing it was red tea (especially with the red apples on the packaging), then they will be mistaken because it is actually green tea inside the bottle.


  1. Faab12

    can you people read??the color of the bottle is associated with the flavor added to the tea. lemon>yellow.plaum>red.and green>is the other lemon one (cant remember)..anyway..i think the tea is really good. people should read what they buy first instead of just picking something out.dont think it matters.


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