Coca-Cola to unveil 400ml plastic bottle

BevWire was recently speaking with a source that revealed to BevWire that Coca-Cola will be releasing a smaller plastic bottle around the 400ml size.

The price point will be lower than that of a 591ml, but the goal is to test customer feedback toward this smaller bottle.  The source quoted market research stating consumers are not interested in a 591ml size plastic bottle anymore because the single serving is too large.  Also, price points of a 591ml is approaching that of a 1L bottle, so customers should just trade up to this size given what they pay.

BevWire finds it interesting how they determined that a 400ml bottle will sell any better.  Is this a plan to switch customers to the 1L bottle?  400ml is slightly larger than a 355ml aluminum can, but will likely retail at $1.49 (halfway between a $0.99 can and a $1.89 591ml plastic bottle).  Whereas a 1L will retail anywhere from $2.09 to $2.29.  For an extra $0.80, customers will get double the volume.

No word of whether Pepsi will be following with this change, but apparently the 400ml is only a test and won’t be released nationwide or even chain wide…


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