Powerade ION4 is in Canada!

BevWire has just received word that Powerade ION4 will be launching this week.  The newly formulated sports drink will come in 591ml, 710ml, 946ml and multipack package sizes.  The image above may be a little misleading because Canada only has 3 flavors of Powerade in the 946ml – Berry Blitz, Fruit Punch and Solar Flare.  Of course, that may very well change because Powerade Zero is seeing moderate success in the 946ml, and there are plenty of flavors that have yet to be extended to the 946ml size in Canada (Green Squall, Grape, Strawberry Lemon, etc).

The sports drink market has matured and niche segments are appearing (evidenced by the numerous lines of Gatorade drinks, enhanced waters, etc) so maybe this gives it a little life.  If Powerade ION4 were able to run their edgy promotions (previous posts showed advertisements as “The Complete Sports Drink”) here in Canada and give Gatorade a run for its money it may be an interesting battle.  Gatorade is suffering a little bit lately with a dip in market share, formula change, rebranding to G, and the divorce from Tiger Woods.

That being said, it all depends on the consumers, who are still strongly tide to Gatorade.  Powerade ION4 may be good, but they will have to run some aggressive promotions in order to get customers to try it.  What will Powerade do?  Will the packaging refresh help?   Will they get an athlete to endorse the beverage (maybe Steve Nash but he’s a vitaminwater fiend)?  Run some price promotions (coupons, buy one get one offers, etc)?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when they appear on store shelves, sitting next to the G!

4 thoughts on “Powerade ION4 is in Canada!

    1. BevWire

      Hi Mike,

      Local gas stations and banner grocery stores (Petro-Canadas, Mac’s, 7-Elevens) are your best bet because they seem to have more variety and selection sometimes. Flavor and size-wise, Canada only has Mixed Berry Zero and Strawberry Zero flavors and only in the 710ml size. More flavors/sizes may come in later since they’re pouring some money back into Powerade to compete. Hope this helps!


  1. Debbie Doucette

    i recently bought a few bottles of powerade and one that i bought did not have any safty seals on it!what should i do?i still have the recipt to show i did buy it.
    Thank you.


    1. BevWire

      Hey Debby,

      Are you talking about the inner seal (under the cap) or the plastic seal on the outside? In any case, I’d bring it back and see if you can switch to one that has the safety seal.


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