Coke Debuts 414ml Bottle Nationwide

Coca-Cola was previously testing to see if a smaller 414ml bottle would work well in the marketplace, and have decided to launch it nationwide.  Guess the bottle was successful enough for them to release it everywhere.  Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite will all be available in this new size.  The beverage is a single-serve bottle, meaning it won’t be sold in multi-packs or fridgepacks (unlike the Dasani fridgepacks which has 355ml bottles).

There’s a lot of questions to be considered about this new bottle size.  Why 414ml and not 450ml or 500ml?  What is the price point for this bottle?  How much will this hurt their 591ml bottle’s sales?  Why not a multi-pack as well?

First of all, 414ml converts to 14oz, so the rationale behind this awkward milliliter size is probably because Coca-Cola will roll this out to the US as well (if not having done so already and just launching into Canada now, but googling “414ml Coke bottle” has delivered no search results).  Since the US beverages are measured in ounces, it makes sense to have a 14oz so the production line can be easily configured to produce this size; they already have the 12oz (355ml),  20oz (591ml), 24oz (710ml), 34oz (1L) bottles.  Why not a 473ml bottle you might ask?  BevWire guesses it has to do with the price point.

The price of a 414ml is $1.29, as advertised by the Chevron gas stations.  This would sort of be considered an inexpensive option since a 591ml runs close to $2 now, and a 355ml can costs $1.  If a 473ml bottle was introduced, then Coca-Cola would likely run out of room to price it competitively and risk immediately cannibalizing their 591ml bottle.  Instead, it looks like Coca-Cola is releasing this bottle to have customers trade up (cannibalize) from their 355ml can sales.  Only 30 cents more, and you get 60 more milliliters plus a resealable bottle.

Why only sell this bottle in singles and not in multi-packs?  It can’t be because the size is too large, since they already have the 710ml in multi-packs.  It can’t be because it’s too small either, because they have the 355ml fridgemates.  Is it because there will be cannibalization here as well?  That’s quite possible but if they can sell it in the single, they should be able to sell it in a multi-pack.

Thing is, it looks like Coca-Cola has released too many different sizes for their core beverages, and when they were previously saying they were looking to reduce their product portfolio, you have to wonder if they considered reducing the different package options.  There are the 355ml cans and glass bottles, the 591ml bottle, a 1L bottle for the heavily addicted, and now the in-between 414ml.

BevWire thinks there will be a lot of cannibalization occurring, from both the smaller 355ml can and the larger 591ml bottle.  What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Coke Debuts 414ml Bottle Nationwide

  1. John

    Finally!!! I find I never finish the 591ml cause it often goes warm and flat… I resort to buying the 355ml but without being resealable… I guzzle it so not to spill it in the car. Not to mention, with no bottle neck, drinking canned pop is marginally more dangerous in the car because the angle of your neck when you sip the last few drops.

    I suspect you will be hard pressed to find the 355ml in convenience or gas bars in the months to come. And, will only find the 355ml multi-packs in grocery stores.

    Koodos to Coca-Cola…its brilliant marketing


  2. Awesome

    I tried this new size of coke. I know this may sound weird but it was the best coke i ever drank, and i keep drinking it, whenever i switch to either 591 or 355, it does not taste the same. I think has something to do with air pressure in the bottle but dam. It is 99cents in canada


  3. Terry

    love the new size………… Awesome it is 99cents in the US not sure why we have to pay more….

    John not sure why but I have always found the smaller bottles taste better than the larger ones ….. I don’t buy the 1L or 2L bottles I find they do taste different…… never understood why and don’t really care.


    1. BevWire

      I’d also like to see some Fanta and Gingerales in those sizes too! Alas, size proliferation is a problem so I guess they may stick with those four for now…


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