V8 Fusion in a Can

Courtesy of BevNet.comCampbell Soup Company’s V8 Fusion product line will soon be available in 8oz (237ml) and 11.5oz(340ml) cans in the US.  The company’s news release said that the can will be available in Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana varieties, and are ideal for packing in a purse or in a child’s lunchbox. Each 8-ounce can provides a full serving of vegetables (1/2 cup) and a full serving of fruit (1/2 cup), as well as essential antioxidant vitamins A, C and E and no added sugar.

Currently, seven out of ten Americans don’t get their government-recommended vegetable servings each day, but research suggests the key to bridging this “vegetable gap” may be to focus on the factors that are often behind it: convenience and enjoyment.(1,2) The makers of V8(R) juice continue to address these barriers through innovation.

“Most people know that they don’t get enough vegetables — but it can be challenging to find great-tasting options throughout the day,” said Dale Clemiss, Vice President, Beverage Marketing, V8 Beverages. “That’s why we are constantly striving to offer more and more ways to help people get their vegetables any time, anywhere through new products like V8 V-Fusion cans.”

BevWire thinks that innovation is good, especially looking for more instances to serve healthy beverages.  However,  can alternatives may not be the best option.  Who really wants to place a 8oz can into their purse?  A lunchbox maybe, but definitely think that these cans would not go into a purse.  And as more and more companies look to implement regulated servings or calorie-control packages for their products, an aluminum can just doesn’t seem like the best alternative.  Most companies are moving to offer resealable options (Monster Nitrous, Coke 414ml, etc) and having a can that isn’t resealable doesn’t seem to be moving in that direction.

Furthermore, the NCB (non-carbonated beverage) market has shrunk slightly in the last year, so some innovations are necessary to re-capture migrating sales.  Beverage consumers have traded in their soft drinks and ice teas for flavored waters and energy drinks.  Maybe offering the V8 juices in a resealable can would be an option, where the user can drink some juice now, seal it back up and finish it later.  Or make the V8 juices available  in tetra paks.  This will make it easier for moms to pack it with the kids’ meals or even have them consume it in a car ride from home to school.  Or maybe even have the juice in plastic squeeze cap bottles, these would be perfect for active kids that cannot finish their drinks in one sitting.

Maybe Campbell’s V8 Beverages division has already thought of these solutions and have yet to implement them.  Time will tell if the slim 8oz can will be a hit, but if this package succeeds with the Americans, it will likely be released here in Canada soon.


5 thoughts on “V8 Fusion in a Can

  1. BevWire

    I’ve looked online and checked out the news release again but haven’t been able to find any dates for its release. So I would expect to see it hitting the supermarkets around mid-April I guess? Or maybe ask your supermarket to find out when they would be bringing this in?


    1. BevWire

      Hi Lise,

      I’ve already noticed the canned V8 Fusion in some select stores (Wal-Mart, Loblaw’s, Sobey’s). You might have to check with your store to see if they actually have it carried at that particular store. Sometimes, an item is authorized to be carried in all Loblaw’s but some stores may decide to not bring any in at all. Hope this helps!


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