What’s Going On With Full Throttle?

Is this energy drink being discontinued or phased out?  Full Throttle in Canada has only 3 flavors, after discontinuing their sugar-free flavor.  The 3 remaining flavors are the Citrus, Berry, and Agave (also known as the Regular, Fury, and Blue Demon).  There has been little to no new product launches, and products that had been released in the United States are slowly being discontinued as well.  Our friends south of the border had Full Throttle Mother, Full Throttle Hydration, Full Throttle Coffee (in Mocha and Caramel) – all of which has been discontinued.

The energy drink has been losing customers and market share to bigger players such as Red Bull and Monster.  The most recent market share numbers indicate that Full Throttle has lost over 2% of its market share, and the brand has been on a continuous decline the last few years.  A quick look at the energy drink’s website seems to show that there has been a re-branding effort because all the logos and packaging has been changed (website link here).  Wikipedia supports this fact reporting that the energy drink changed its formula and also re-branded in November 2009 (story here).

So when will this new packaging roll out in Canada?  Will there be any marketing media support to detail this?  Are there any innovations that will be introduced as well as the re-branding effort?  They better have something big planned or else the energy drink will likely fade into obscurity while all the Red Bulls, Monsters, and 5-Hour Energy companies gobble up their remaining market shares.

12 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Full Throttle?

  1. Jared

    I do NOT like the new flavor. It tastes watered down and the new design of the can looks like some cheap photocopy that was pasted on. I’d love to express my opinion, but the Full Throttle website only accepts emails/comments from inside the United States.
    Definitely NOT impressed!


    1. Jason

      I totally agree about the new citrus flavor being watered down. I took a break from energy drinks for a while because they were becoming costly, then I decided to treat myself to one today, I noticed the new can design, but I saw that it was still ‘regular’ flavored, made the purchase, gave it a taste, and the first thing I thought was “where is the other half of the flavor?” definitely not the best out there to me anymore.


  2. nc

    I am a bikist. Excellent Energy drink. I tried Red Bull and AMP and maked me sick. Full Throrttle is excellent for keep in on bike at high speed for 3~4 hours. This is enough to eay. Only problem it makes me so much actgive that if I take one before the ride at 5:30 pm, I cannot go to sleep because I feel active (no tires feelinges).. even after long 3~4 hard biking with groups.


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  4. Amy

    WHY DO THEY TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS???!!! You can’t just make a delicious coffee drink in mocha caramel AND vanilla and then just STOP! PEOPLE HAVE ADDICTIONS! The walls are closing in on me. My work has been suffering. I can’t stop grinding my teeth……… No, but really though….I’m pretty sure I developed a pretty heavy addiction to full throttle coffee…I would pay A LOT of money for some right now…so….


    1. Vickie

      I agree! I can no longer purchase them in my area. There was 1 convenience store out about 30 in our town and he has told me that Coca-Cola was no longer distributing in our town. So I called consumer relations and all they could tell me was that the bottling company that services our area, made a call on their own to discontinue distributing! So I found them in a town about 40 miles away and I would go and buy 6-10 at a time, but the last 3 times I’ve been there, they didn’t have any either! Someone please find out if we can purchase these coffee’s online other than Amazon which is showing out of stock!


  5. oighio

    I hope nothing happens to it i use to like Monster but not it just taste kinda meh and red bull is just expensive as hell. Not that this stuff wasn’t just $3 for a little 8 oz. can is just stupid.


  6. Vanessa

    Hey,! omg where do i buy them. My whole area of london is all out they say its disconntinued but im addicted!! i dont go a day without one .. any ideas?


    1. BevWire

      Vanessa, which London are you in? London Ontario? I’ve seen the new packaging on numerous shelves (sometimes mixed with older, out-dated packaging). I would suspect that it’s only a temporary shortage at the stores that you’re going to, and that it would re-appear soon enough. Good luck!


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  8. Nicholas McMillan

    Yea i work for coca cola london ontario, and i was in a foodbasics today and it says discontinued on the shelf! I suspect this product will be gone shortly 😦 the regular full throttle was amazing and has been my favourite one for years. better stock up on the few stores that still have them.


    1. BevWire

      Hey Nick – thanks for the tip! I guess the latest activity has been a push on Monster Energy as well as Nos Energy from Coke, so the Full Throttle will eventually be completely phased out for Nos Energy. I’m seeing cooler space in Shoppers Drug Mart change from Full Throttle to Nos Energy quite often!


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