Glaceau Vitaminwater Launches 355ml Multipack

355ml 4pack XXX, Multi-V and Essential

Look out, there’s more vitaminwater coming our way.  Following up on their success with the 591ml single bottle, vitaminwater will now release a 4-bottle 355ml multipack.  This 355ml multipack will be released in three flavors: XXX, Multi-V and Essential.

vitaminwater is likely targeting a different customer set with this 4-bottle package, as they are only stocking it in drug and grocery stores, and big box supermarkets.  Bevwire also found out that the price point is upwards of $5 for the 4pack (basically $1.25/bottle), which is pretty decent considering the $2+ price point for the 591ml.  It wouldn’t make any sense to put it in the convenience channel anyway, since that is where most of their money is made with the single bottle and they would risk heavy cannibalization.

Even though Bevwire has always been critical of how many flavors vitaminwater has, I am curious as to why they only selected these three flavors of XXX, Multi-V and Essential.  While they are popular, there are other market-friendly flavors as well and they were not chosen.  What about Energy?  Or Focus?  Or Restore?  These other three tend to be quite popular flavors as well.  It could be the fact that they do not want to saturate the market (as it looks like they may have with the 591ml bottle).  One only needs to look across the border to see what I mean by saturation.  In addition to the 591ml bottle, there is also a 1L bottle, a 355ml 12pack multipack and variety pack, and a 473ml 4pack.  There reaches a certain point where too many product choices for a customer leads to no purchase at all.  Fortunately, Canada has not reached that point yet.

In any case, be on the lookout for these multipacks and their clever on-package marketing.


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