Canada Dry White Tea Gingerale with Raspberry

BevWire walked into a convenience store the other day looking to pick up a Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale (far left) and ended up picking up a White Tea Gingerale (left) by mistake.  I thought the red bottlecap was just a packaging update, but turns out it’s another gingerale flavor from Canada Dry altogether.  I must admit, it does taste delicious.  However, what are the chances that other people may have the same problem, picking up one flavor by accident when they meant to get the other one?  The two bottle’s packaging looks almost identical – only differences are the cap colors and the packaging’s edges on the bottles.

Not to diminish or take anything away from this new flavor of gingerale, but what is Canada Dry’s rationale behind a new gingerale flavor?  Didn’t they just eliminate their 2L Tonic Water a year ago because of sku rationalization?  If they were able to launch a new sku, would they not want to bring back the 2L Tonic Water instead of launching a new flavor?  My guess is that the White Tea Gingerale is a stand alone beverage offering (whereas the 2L Tonic Water is mostly a mixer) so this expands the Canada Dry product portfolio to help attract new consumers.  Canada Dry may also have launched it to support the original Canada Dry Gingerale and Green Tea Gingerale, though not sure if there’s any other company out there expanding and innovating on gingerale.

All in all, a great tasting beverage.  However, if Canada Dry did have a chance to release another sku on the market, BevWire suggests re-launching 2L Tonic Water.


2 thoughts on “Canada Dry White Tea Gingerale with Raspberry

  1. cathy hobbs

    My husband and I were visiting Vancouver Island and bought the green tea gingerale rasberry. Very refreshing. We both really liked it but got back to Nebraska and can’t seem to find it here.


    1. BevWire

      Hi Cathy,

      I’m not sure if the Green Tea or Raspberry White Teas are there since Canada Dry is a division of Dr Pepper Snapple Group and they may concentrate on other beverage products. There seems to be a focus on their core products (Dr Pepper, revitalization of Snapple, etc) more and they may wait for a little bit longer before introducing these two flavors. That said, if you do find it in Nebraska do let us know. 🙂


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