Label-less Pepsi in Argentina If They Win World Cup

courtesy of www.adage.comWith the entire world focused on the FIFA World Cup this month, it seems as if Pepsi has gotten into the spirit as well.  Despite not being an official sponsor, Pepsi has been able to generate some online buzz with their support of the Argentine soccer team.  Pepsi has said that if the Argentine soccer team wins the 2010 World Cup, they will remove their labels (making their bottles naked) from their Pepsi soft drink for a week.  This is in response to Maradona,  Argentina’s soccer coach, stating that he will celebrate the World Cup victory by streaking around Buenos Aries naked.  More information can be found here.

Very smart and low-cost way to generate news and get people to talk about you.  However, a soft drink’s package label is often the most crucial piece of marketing because it’s the final communication to a consumer before they choose to buy your drink or that of your competitor’s.  If you can’t convince them to buy your product at this point, then the dollars go somewhere else.  It’s also what allows your customers to easily recognize your brand without having to look hard to find the beverage they enjoyed time and time before.  Consumers rely on heuristics and shortcuts for all processes to simplify their purchasing decisions.  Once you’ve grown fond of a particular product you are less likely to experiment with other variations save for a few reasons: either it’s sold out, it didn’t meet your product requirements last time you used it, or you are generally not brand-loyal.  In the last case, the label does not matter too much, instead it’s likely coupons or other price promotions that affect your purchase decision.  Fortunately, Pepsi considered these factors as well when they ran an advertisement to support the Argentina soccer team.  They will attach a sign on the bottleneck so that customers can still see it’s a Pepsi product and differentiate their soft drink from other drinks in the aisle or cold space.

Unfortunately it will only be available in Argentina and not here in Canada, and also only available if Argentina wins.  It’s certain to be a collectible item if Argentina wins the World Cup.


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