Is More vitaminwater Coming to Canada?

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BevWire has learned that there may be more vitaminwater flavors on the way.  Speaking with some industry sources and then browsing through the trademark database, BevWire has found that there’s two new flavors registered with the Canadian trademark database – Balance and Endurance.  In the United States, Balance is a Cranberry-Grapefruit flavor and Endurance is a Peace-Mango flavor.  Will these flavors be the same in Canada, or are they merely the same names for other flavors (ie. Mega C in Canada is Power C in the U.S., Restore in Canada and Revive in the U.S., and so on)?

BevWire has always been very critical of a product over-extending its reach and this is a classic example of this scenario.  With these two new flavors entering the Canadian market, that brings the total number of vitaminwater flavors up to eleven. What threshold is vitaminwater using to determine that there is enough sales potential to release additional flavors?  Will these two new flavors replace two older flavours, and which ones will be replaced?

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While the enhanced beverage category is still growing, it’s at a decreasing growth rate.  This indicates that vitaminwater is still increasing its sales and has not reached a market saturation point, but the saturation point may be close.  At the end of March 2010, the enhanced beverages market was over $6 million in sales.  Vitaminwater garners about 60% market share, thus accounting for $3.6 million overall and $400 000 for each flavour (rough numbers since some sell better than others).  If that’s the case, then a simple threshold to pass would require than each flavour sell at least $400 000 in order to stay on the market – without accounting for cannibalization.  BevWire thinks that $400 000 for new flavors may be difficult to hit, and therefore some flavors must be discontinued to make way for Balance and Endurance.  The question then becomes which flavors currently underperform and justify being removed from the shelf?

In any case, no word on official launch dates yet.  The trademarks have been approved and are awaiting registration (pending official complaints from other people over these names).  Keep an eye on for which flavors disappear from the shelves when these two hit the market.

4 thoughts on “Is More vitaminwater Coming to Canada?

  1. BevWire

    Hey Zoe,

    Doesn’t look like vitaminwater zero is available in Vancouver (and Canada) unless you’re buying it from cornerstores that bring it up from the states. Vitaminwater10 is available now/soon in Canada though (this upcoming post I’ll have some more information on that).


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  3. adam

    In your post on 2010 sales of Vitamin Water you mention the total market was over $6 million in sales. Are you sure about these numbers? $6 million seems quite low.


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