Popular Trends For Beverage Flavors

BeverageWorld has published an article about this year’s top beverage flavor trends (link here).  It focuses mainly on the U.S. beverage market, but since Canada is just north of the United States these trends likely apply to us as well.  Every year companies analyze beverage trends to determine the flavor trends and to see which fruits may become popular with consumers.  In years past, fruits like yumberry, pomegranate, goji berry, pomegranate, and passion fruit have resonated well with consumers’ taste palates and become mainstream.

courtesy of moraberry.com

This year, fruits and flowers from different parts of the world are predicted to make an impact.  Sensient Flavors – one of the companies that follow these beverage trends – provides some insight into where some of these fruits are sourced and which fruits are going to be big sellers. South America will offer fruits such as the cape gooseberry, lulo,  maqui, mora berry, umbu, and caja. The mora berry (see left) might become popular because of its similarities to the blackberry and raspberry with its dual taste of sweet and tart.  Africa offers the baobab and marula fruits, with the former offering high levels of vitamins and anti-oxidants.  China will see the kumquat gain in popularity with its broad taste profile – offering salty, sour, and sweet flavors.

It appears that most of these fruits are coming out of the southern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere.  This might be because American consumers (and Canadian consumers too) are more daring in their food and beverage options.  Always curious to try new flavors, products, and spices, companies are eager to satisfy these demands through finding the next big product.  And the southern and eastern hemispheres appear to offer more exotic fruits, or at the very least fruits that were previously unknown to westerners.

While not all the above mentioned fruits are going to be popular depending on consumers’ taste preferences, all or some of them are likely to be a hit at one point or another given the interest to try new and exotic flavors.  So the next time you pick up a new product, be sure to check out the ingredients section on the label and see if any of the fruits mentioned above are part of your drink!

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