Monster Java Original Phased Out?

Monster Java

Sources say that Monster Java Original is being phased out from their Canadian coffee line-up soon (when they sell off existing stock).  Can’t say that the flavor is going to be missed or not since I have not tried this flavor myself.  What I can say is that the coffee line-up is likely over-extended and too similar in packaging to other flavors.  With the exception of the Irish Cream, the other flavors’ packaging are all shades of brown, making it very hard to distinguish between them.  Even when the store employees restock these cans, they aren’t sure which flavor they are really restocking!  Phasing out the Java Original was probably the best thing Monster could do with their coffee portfolio.  However, this doesn’t mean they won’t be introducing another coffee flavor soon.  The Monster Nitrous were supposed to hit store shelves this summer and have yet to be seen in cooler or beverage aisles.  The Monster X-Presso Hammer has been rumored to be making a Canadian entrance.  At least those drinks will have different packaging so consumers can easily differentiate between the different flavors.

Another point of interest is the ready-to-drink cold coffee market has many players and Monster’s offerings are not competitive enough.  The leader cornering this category is Starbucks with their frappuccinos.  After that the category gets a little muddled with Rockstar, Monster, Master Cafe, and many smaller regional players.  Starbucks’s success on the frappuccinos are most likely a result of their specialty in coffee (what else do people know Starbucks to be famous for?), and Master Cafe is similar in their coffee specialty.  Rockstar and Monster are mainly energy drink brands, while their coffee portfolio’s price points, packaging, and formula are very similar to one another making it hard to tell them apart.  Monster clearly was a follower in this category, and has not put in enough resources to make this a good product or to heavily promote it to make it succeed.

And when you’re a follower with a less appealing product, you’re likely to meet the same fate as the Monster Java Original.  If the Monster X-Presso Hammer is going to be coming to Canada, let’s hope Monster does a better job with it than the Java Original.

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