O.N.E. Kids – Coconut Water and Fruit Juices

ONE coconut water

One Natural Experience (O.N.E), the coconut water natural beverage producer, has recently introduced a coconut water beverage line aimed at refreshing kids.  The beverage has been available in the United States since October and contains low sugar content, as well as a blend of coconut water and fruit juice.  The beverage company – which was acquired by Pepsi earlier in 2010 – is famous for their innovative coconut water offerings.  They produce O.N.E Active, which is a all-natural sports drink combing herbs and minerals with their popular coconut water offering (O.N.E. coconut water).  O.N.E. Kids is their latest innovation.

The question is, how much would parents be willing to pay for this nutritious beverage?  Each 330ml tetrapak is retails at $1.99 individually, and a multipack may only be found at natural food stores or select grocery stores.   A multipack’s price point would likely be close to $20.  Parents can pick up other healthy juice multipacks for a lot less – you’ll likely be able to pick up twice as many multipacks of healthy juices for the price of $20.

In any case, the natural beverage producer is innovating their product line to separate themselves from the other two leading coconut water manufacturers.  Vita Coco and Zico, the other main players in this category, also offer flavored and regular coconut water, but not natural sports drink or a low sugar, youth-friendly alternative.  The category itself is gaining more media exposure as athletes and celebrities support the beverage, recognizing its health benefits.

No word on when O.N.E. Kids will be available in Canada (or if anyone has seen any O.N.E Kids already), but it’s a safe bet that it will be coming to Canada fairly soon.


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