New Jones Holiday Soda Flavor: Bacon

Jones Bacon Soda Holiday Pack

Jones Soda Co. has decided to partner with J&D Foods to bring a bacon flavored soda to the market.  Mike Spear, Jones Soda Marketing Director says, “Bacon is like the eighth wonder of the world.  We spend a lot of time listening to our customers on social media sites, and we couldn’t help but take notice of the hundreds of thousands of people taking part in bacon discussion boards and fan groups right now. We felt it was our duty as leaders in the premium soda category to carbonate bacon’s salty goodness.”

Jones Soda releases seasonal flavors each year and have introduced flavors such as Turkey & Gravy, Tofurky & Gravy, Candy Cane,  Pear Tree, and Mele Kalikimaka in previous years.   To develop Bacon Soda, Jones Soda and J&D Foods assigned dedicated personnel to work on bottling the bacon flavor in a carbonated form.

I am fairly impressed at Jones Soda’s innovation and creativity.  Each year they come out with a crazy and attention-grabbing soda flavor.  Who would ever think about bottling bacon into a pop?  I mean, what’s next – Cajun Chicken Soda?  Not to mention Jones Soda pays a lot of attention to detail to the consumer experience.  With their limited edition packaging and consumer-submitted label photos, consumers always want to check out what’s on the Jones Soda bottle.  In addition, by keeping the beverage in a glass bottle, consumers can continue to trust on Jones providing quality and not trading off for lower costs with a plastic bottle.

The bacon soda can be purchased at their both parties’ online stores as part of a holiday pack.  For $10 plus shipping and handling, the holiday pack includes  two bottles of bacon soda, a bag of bacon & cheddar flavored popcorn, a J&D Bacon Lip Balm and a package of J&D’s Bacon Gravy.  Jones seasonal flavors are a little too foreign for my tastebuds, but if someone does pick up a case, please let me know how it tastes!


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