Alcoholic Energy Drinks Officially Banned in the United States

Rockstar Vodka

Two weeks ago I blogged about alcoholic energy drinks being investigated for their caffeine content and whether it was safe for consumers (link here).  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently came to a decision to fully ban the alcoholic beverages for sale.  A decision by Health Canada is very likely to follow and drive these beverages out of the market.

Alcoholic energy drinks has not received as much negative publicity in Canada compared to the United States, so Canadian may not be fully aware of the negative effects.  In the U.S., university students consuming these beverages at parties and other friendly functions have been hospitalized because of these beverages.

A quick reminder on what the issue is with these drinks.  Alcoholic beverages are depressants meant to slow down the blood flow, while caffeinated beverages are meant to speed up blood flow.  When combined together, consumers don’t realize they are getting drunk because of the caffeine additive, leading to overdosing and other dangerous consequences.

At last check, Health Canada was investigating whether these beverages were safe.  Some are still available for sale in Canada because the caffeine content is derived from a natural ingredient or from the cola portion of the beverage.  With this American decision to ban the drink, Health Canada may soon follow with their decision to also ban the drink.


2 thoughts on “Alcoholic Energy Drinks Officially Banned in the United States

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  2. Michelle

    I recently drank only a couple Rockstar + Vodka lite and became very ill. I did find a date above the barcode, hopefully not an expiry date as that would mean the local liquor store was selling outdated product at a discounted price. They were on sale, “reduced to clear” but to the best of my knowledge once the product is expired it must be removed from the sales floor. I can’t seem to find a site where I can even reach the producer of this product. It has been banned in the US, perhaps it should also be banned in Canada !!!!


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