Coca-Cola Advertises Minute Maid Again

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With all the recent acquisitions and new product focus, Minute Maid promotions seem to have been lost in the fold.  Not anymore, as Coca-Cola says they will start ramping up advertising support their Minute Maid juices again.  And they will be going after a new demographic with their advertising this time around.  Advertising Age has more information on this article, which discusses Minute Maid’s inclusion of another demographic for their advertising (link here).

Ad Age’s article discusses a few points that stand out.  First of all, Minute Maid is branching out by targeting male consumers.  In what the article describes as “going after the consumer versus the purchaser”, Minute Maid is increasing their focus on men since the research shows that men are also drink orange juices.  However, the traditional purchaser is still the older female (ie. your typical mother with younger children), so how would influencing males generate more sales to regain lost market share for Minute Maid?  It just happens that the highest volume growth is seen in a channel where men typically shop – convenience and gas.  Men frequent convenience stores to make the quick and easy purchase for the impulse item, so juices growing in this channel may result more from male purchasers than female purchasers.  It’s also one of the few channels where men make purchases for themselves since as women mainly decide what to buy for family groceries and they buy it from supermarkets.  However, focusing on men to buy orange juice will not help Minute Maid recover lost market share.  Which leads to the second point.

Minute Maid is looking to gain share by increasing consumption occasions.  As the analyst indicated that orange juices have been relegated to the breakfast table, there are more opportunities to grow the brand by increasing its demand at other times of the day.  What should you drink right before going on a flight, how about some Minute Maid orange juice?  How about drinking some Minute Maid orange juice after an intense workout instead of water or sports drinks?

All in all, a good plan for Minute Maid to enlarge their target demographics.  It’s not easy to target two different groups of buyers (older females for one buyer group, and male consumers for the other) without alienating one or the other.  If Minute Maid succeeds in re-gaining lost share, it’s because they have found a way to strike a healthy balance when targeting these two different groups.


One thought on “Coca-Cola Advertises Minute Maid Again

  1. Tony Smith

    What have you guys done with the Old Minute Maid Breakfast Blend recipe. Did
    someone lose it. This new “Fuller Flavour! Terrific Taste! may well cost you.

    Losing one market and gaining another without a significant increaase in turnover
    is bad business. The original product was outstanding. This new one is to


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