Kraft To Launch New Liquid Water Flavorers

Kraft MiOKraft is set to launch it’s first new product in 15 years, and it’s a zero-calorie, liquid water flavor enhancer called Kraft MiO.  Available in six flavors (berry pomegranate, fruit punch, mango peach, peach tea, sweet tea, and strawberry watermelon), MiO is packaged in a water droplet-shaped plastic bottle that will yield 24 servings.  Nutritional information on the Kraft MiO’s Facebook page (link here) says that it’s no calories, no artificial flavors, and no caffeine.  However, as USA Today pointed out in their report on MiO (link here), it does contain artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.  The product – which is similar to Kraf’ts Crystal Light powder – will launch March 7 in the United States, but no word yet on whether it will come up to Canada.

While some the news reports and Kraft propaganda claims that this product will revolutionize the water enhancers category, I’m not fully convinced.  Will consumers see this only as a novelty item, try it once and not re-purchase?  And since water enhancers are mainly in powder form (with Kraft having a large market of the powder water enhancer category), how much cannibalization will occur?  Kraft MiO GlassWill consumers want to trade up from the less expensive powder format, for the more expensive liquid format?  The idea of a liquid water flavor enhancer is fantastic, and if Kraft is able in getting consumers to adopt MiO beyond the trial stage it will be a huge success for both the product and the category.  Right now, Kraft is not only trying to introduce a new product, but educate the public on the new method of flavoring their water.  The majority of consumers that flavor their water uses a powder, so changing behaviors and habits might take a lot of marketing.  And on the cannibalization factor, getting consumers to switch away from powder to liquid will see consumers leaving Crystal Light (hopefully for MiO), just how many will be the question.  In the end, anyone consumer that trades the powder format for liquid will likely be trading to MiO since there are not too many other substitutes on the market right now.  However, unless the cost to product MiO is significantly lower than Crystal Light, Kraft may actually be taking in less profit.  A package of 30-count Crystal Light currently retails for $13, working out to 43cents each serving, while a 24-serving of Kraft MiO will retail for $3.99 (breaking down to 16cents each serving).  Consumers that work out these calculations will see that MiO gives more value than Crystal Light and switch to MiO, leaving Kraft with savvier consumers, but less profits.

MiO can work, but you really have to wonder if it’s in Kraft’s best interests to have it work.

11 thoughts on “Kraft To Launch New Liquid Water Flavorers

    1. BevWire

      Hey Lina,

      I was on a brief visit stateside and didn’t find it in a Walgreens or Walmart. Whereabouts did you see it? I was in Boston and San Francisco.


    2. Sergio

      I found them In No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart and Fresh Co. Shoppers sells it too much at $4.99 as compared to Fresh Co is cheapest at $2.99


  1. Milly

    First new product in 15 years? Are you serious… They have launched 60+ new items this year within various categories. Way to start of the article on a factual basis.


    1. BevWire

      I should clarify. Yes, you are correct that Kraft has launched a variety of products, but those are brand extensions (ie new sizes and flavors) and not a completely new beverage product. Hope this helps!


  2. Tina Cook

    I disagree that there are now other liquid water enhancers. Tetleys water infusions had been a favorite of mine since it first came on the market. Will I try mio? Probably. I no longer use tetly infusions because of the sodium content. Is there a sodium content to mio?


  3. Sandra Kubista

    what sweetner is used to make this. I cannot use crystal light because of the aspartame so I am hoping this one is different.


    1. BevWire

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for reading! The ingredients listed on the shoulder of the bottle include the following: water, malic acid, natural flavor, citric acid, SUCRALOSE (42mg), potassium citrate, acesulfame-potassium (20mg), color (contains tartrazine), potassium sorbate, polysorbate 60, and sodium citrate.

      I would like to say that Ace-K is the main sweetener here along with sucralose so it should not contain aspartame. However, it would be best to contact Kraft’s consumer relations line (1-888-572-3806) to find out directly!

      Hope this helps!


  4. I saw this in my local (AB) Safeway for the first time about 3 weeks ago. Was wondering about it, & then my coworker had one & let me try it. I’m hooked.

    Most of my life I’ve had a really hard time making myself drink water. Embarrased to admit this, but I usually drank close to 2L of pop/day. I know how bad that is, but could not make myself drink water…

    This stuff makes water taste good, w/out the usual fake sweetener taste. In the past 2 weeks I’ve gone from about 1c to about 2L water daily, & I only drank 6c pop in the past 2 WEEKS.

    If it takes this product to get me drinking water, fine. Maybe eventully I’ll get so I don’t need the flavour, but for now, great! I hope this product gets really popular so that there is no chance of it getting discontinued!


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