Pepsi Throwback in Canada

Pepsi Throwback CanadaRegular readers of my blog may remember that I reported on Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback last year, but mainly as a American limited-time only beverage.  Well I was thirsty and went into a Shoppers Drug Mart a few weeks back and was surprised to notice that there was Pepsi Throwback here in Canada.  In addition to being a soft drink that was only released in the United States, I remember that the beverage being a few years old.

After some googling, it turns out that the Pepsi Throwback was made part of Pepsi’s permanent line-up because of their strong sales and recipe.  It was also launched in Canada early 2011.  Throwback tastes different from the current Pepsi cola in that it has no citric acid and uses real sugar, compared to High Fructose Corn Syrup in the “new” Pepsi.

Initial feedback has been great for Pepsi Throwback, but as my critiquing tendencies go, do they really need another permanent Pepsi?  It almost appears that they are trying to blanket-cover the calorie and sweetness spectra with their offerings.  Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, soon to be launched Pepsi Next, and now Pepsi Throwback.  How much cannibalization will occur?  The expanded line-up means some drinks within the portfolio gets less sales.  Pepsi should beware of what vitaminwater is doing in terms of having so many available options for a consumer to choose from.  vitaminwater’s consumers to this day still gravitate toward 5 flavors out of a possible 11 flavors, making more than half of them slow movers and hard for retailers to justify the shelf space.  This isn’t to say that having Pepsi available in 5 different options is a bad idea, but each of the 5 option must be unique to avoid duplicity.  Pepsi’s differentiation between Pepsi Cola, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and even Throwback would be significant, but Pepsi Next…not so much in my opinion.

While I didn’t buy a Pepsi Throwback that day (settled for vitaminwater instead) I am still interested in finding out what it tastes like and how it compares to the new Pepsi.  Has anyone ran a taste test to try both, and care to give me your two cents?


5 thoughts on “Pepsi Throwback in Canada

  1. becky

    Pepsi throwback (i find) is not as sweet as regular pepsi, pepsi throwback still tastes good,other than pepsi being a bit sweeter both taste pretty much the same.


  2. rft3

    I find Pepsi Throwback to taste sweeter than the normal Pepsi. Also, perhaps that the beverage is being advertised as being made with natural sugar, it really does taste more natural.

    You bring up a good point about cannibalization. I always notice the variations like caff free diet and diet pepsi lime disappearing from grocery store shelves for a while than coming back. However, I think Pepsi Throwback’s marketing and visual packaging is unique which refreshes the brand in Canada. When something that new comes out is makes Pepsi overall relevant again. In contrast, Mountain Dew has no flavours or variations up here and has become a forgotten brand (but in the States there’s so much buzz about it – Dewmmocracy).


  3. BevWire

    Becky and rft3 – thanks for the feedback!

    rft3 – agree on total Pepsi being relevant again (ie Halo effect). I just wonder how long and how far it extends beyond Pepsi’s beverages. For example, will Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi also see a bump in sales from a retro Pepsi?


  4. Yes they should put the Pepsi Throwback
    back in the marketing and take the blue labelled Pepsi
    of the Geocery store shelves,and they should start putting it
    in fountains,and they should start making the Pepsi Throwback
    in big botttles instead of the Blue Labelled Pepsi.
    I suggest for Diet Pepsi to do the same as Pepsi
    it nothing but Good Delicious Stuff.


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