vitaminwater spark…Yet Another Flavor

vw spark - courtesy of we-rate-stuff.comRegular readers of the blog will know that though I’m a fan of vitaminater as a brand, my belief is that this many varieties of vitaminwater undoubtedly cause cannibalization.  vitaminwater spark launched in mid-February, bringing the total count to 11 (9 vitaminwater flavors and 2 vitaminwater10) flavors.  spark is a blueberry grape flavor and has all the natural ingredients and healthy benefits that the other alternatives possess – it’s just a different flavor.

Unless spark has a niche following of open wallet consumers, it may follow vitaminwater rescue to be discontinued after some time on the market.  In any case, there is only so much demand for vitaminwater, or enhanced waters as a whole.  A consumer  that chooses any number of flavors will eventually stick to one or two, and keep on going back to these trusted choices.  Some (not all) of the remaining flavors may be popular but not to the same level as the favorites.  These flavors also remain on shelves contributing to incremental sales.  But since a grocery store has limited shelf space and must determine planograms, it is unlikely that all 11 flavors will be on shelf.

So how many flavors does a grocery store carry of vitaminwater, and how much shelf space does vitaminwater get?  Without getting into too much detail, vitaminwater’s top 4 flavors make up nearly 60% of their overall sales in the 20oz bottle size.  If the store manager or a category manager must make decisions to cut out flavors or keep only the best selling flavors (to make way for new products), usually 4 flavors of vitaminwater are kept.  So far, spark is not generating as much sales as XXX, focus, multi-V or essential.  Though its still very new to the market, I doubt it will match any of those item’s sales.

Therefore, it is like that there are no volume thresholds that spark must meet in order for glaceau to keep it on shelf, except providing their hydration experts (sales representatives) with incentives to keep pushing this product.

Next time you head into a grocery or convenience store where this product is sold, take a quick count of what flavors of vitaminwater are on shelf, and if spark is among those.  If the two new introductions before spark are not even on shelf, then it’s likely that the particular retailer does not have  an appetite to try any more vitaminwater flavors.

7 thoughts on “vitaminwater spark…Yet Another Flavor

  1. rft3

    When I think of vitamin water, I think “something that comes in lots of flavours”. I’ve noticed some flavours (the green flavour) are available in some places and not other stores/vending machines. I have yet to see ‘spark’. I’ve done lots of consumer testing for many varieties of Doritos flavoured chips (like montreal street meat haha) and it makes me wonder how many kinds exist. Perhaps, it’s similar to vitamin water; a bunch of different kinds get put out and depending on sales, some flavours will stay in certain areas. I’ve seen it with Pepsi products – caffeine free and both lime variations come and go.


  2. Kathy

    Would dearly love to know what store I can FIND Spark in….apparently every store within 1-15 miles from my house DOES NOT CARRY SPARK….although I’ve been told they do….WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? Is there a Spark Hoarder out there? Seriously….it is the only flavor that I drink….I live in Southeastern Mass…Mansfield to be exact…..anyone have any information as to why I can NOT find any? Glacieu has told me that it is NOT discontinued…yet I can’t even find it in Walmart!!!!


    1. Shawn

      Kathy, I just returned from the 3rd walmart around me looking for spark and came up empty again. Im just as frustrated because thats not just the only flavor of VW that I like but its really the only beverage I actually like PERIOD… so I def feel ur pain. Im in Chicago, IL BTW. I cant find anything online as to whats going on either, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it got discontinued…ill update if i learn anything new. Good luck!


      1. lizzy

        I live in southern mass, and cannot find it any where, target had it, walmart, all the groceries, then it appeared some hoarder was coming in buying it all, a few times in target I asked a clerk and they went out back and brought me a case or 2, but now thats over and if you go to the Vitamin water site, is says they are tired and shut the site down but to contact them on face book, REALLY. It truly is a great flavor you never get bored of. I am drinking XXX as I type this, but it just is not the same


  3. Brandon

    It has been an endless search for this flavor…after looking in many convenient stores and large retailers (Wal-mart, etc), it appears this product may have been discontinued after a short-time on the market. In my personal opinion, this is one of the best flavors they have created. It would be a shame to see it taken off shelves before people have a chance to try it. Why is this flavor so hard to find? My guess is like the article says: most suppliers have limited choice of the flavors they can carry and most probably do not have an “appetite” for more variety. We should start a petition to save this flavor!


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