Coke Zero New Tagline – Enjoy Everything

Coke Zero has launched a new ad showcasing the tagline – Enjoy Everything.  The advertising spot is 60 seconds long online, depicting a young adult that constantly asks “And?” and is never satisfied with what he is given.  At the very end, it’s a can of Coke Zero that satisfies him – providing him with full taste and zero calories.  Tim Nudd from AdWeek has more here.

Is there any real effect by changing the soda’s tagline – from “It’s Possible” to “Enjoy Everything”?  And while this ad was released in the United States first, it’s likely that this tagline will be consistent with Canada and any other place.  Coke Zero is simply modifying their communication to remain relevant and adjust their positioning.  Does this have anything to do with Pepsi Max’s recent success?  Or is it the fact that Coke Zero is now a recognizable product on shelves everywhere, that the “full taste but zero calorie” message is not as unique?   I believe both issues played a role.

Since 2005, Coke Zero has been communicating the message of full cola taste with no calories. At the same time, the “It’s Possible’ tagline may only be for the new drinkers, aisle shoppers that are in disbelief that there really could be a zero calorie beverage that products the same taste as a full calorie soda.  The tagline of “It’s Possible” would appear to be outdated since zero calorie colas have been “Possible” for the last six years, and Coke Zero is not the only zero calorie offering anymore.    By communicating a new message of “Enjoy Everything”, Coke Zero is alerting consumers that there is no need to sacrifice taste for calories, that they can really have it all.  Coke Zero’s latest twitter updates indicate as much:

With real Coke taste AND zero calories, Coke Zero is liquid proof you can live without compromise.   #EnjoyEverything  – Sept/10

peanut butter #AND jelly #AND yogurt #AND granola #AND milk #AND cookies #AND cream #AND Real Coke taste #AND zero calories #EnjoyEverything – Sept/7

Enjoying real Coke taste AND zero calories is kinda like getting the cool job AND a corner office. #cokezero. – Aug/30

We love the word “AND.” It always leads to having more. Like real Coke taste AND zero calories. – Aug/27

Relating to their competition, Pepsi Max has seen success by advertising the cola wars again, bringing  consumer’s attention to the zero calorie soda space by using comparison ads.  Their slogan “Zero Calories.   Maximum Pepsi Taste.” also sounds similar to Coke Zero’s slogan of “Real Coca-Cola Taste and Zero Calories”.  It appears that Pepsi Max is mimicking Coke Zero’s positioning, making it harder for people to tell the difference between Coke Zero and Pepsi Max.  After all, it was Coke Zero that started with white packaging and then Pepsi Max came out in white packaging.  And when Coke Zero changed to black packaging, Pepsi Max’s packaging soon changed to black.   In that sense, Pepsi Max changing their slogan last year necessitated Coke Zero’s need to differentiate themselves from Pepsi Max to some degree.

The question now becomes, what will Pepsi Max do?  Having enjoyed success by comparing themselves to Coke Zero and bringing attention to this soda space, will they add anything to their “Zero Calories.   Maximum Pepsi Taste.” slogan?  Coke Zero’s new tagline may or may not put their product in more thirsty people’s hands, but at the very least they’ve earned themselves some separate space from their competitor, and allow the consumer to more easily separate the two zero calorie giants.

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