iCoke.ca – More Prizes But No More Instant Wins

iCoke logo - courtesy of userlogos.org

Remember the old days before the iCoke websites existed, when instead of getting a PIN code in the cap liner, you actually get to win a prize instantly?  Of course, there’s also the likely scenario where your cap liner tells you that you’re not a winner and should try again.  However, those instant winner prizes included a free drink, a trip to somewhere sunny, or even $25 000 cash.  While these prizes are still available, the “instant win” phenomenon is no longer there in my opinion.  The steps to get a prize is a more involved and cumbersome process.  You must log onto a computer and go to iCoke’s website, then become a registered user, then enter the PIN to collect the points.  Sounds like a lot of steps that makes me not want to go through with the whole thing.

With this more involved process, only the most drawn-in and engaged beverage customers will bother going onto the website to collect the points from their drink.    While iCoke offers a more robust selection of rewards than the “instant winner” days years ago, they also get a better sense of who is actually buying their products.  The registered users become part of a consumer loyalty database for the beverage company, where they have the customer’s age, gender, location, e-mail address, as well as their preferences for their beverages.  This becomes a powerful tool for targeting communication messages to a captive audience, and makes sure that Coca-Cola’s messages reach a specific grouping of Canadian consumers.  And although the iCoke website requires more servicing than instant winner caps, the trade-off makes this a great win for the beverage giant.  A success story on creating a strong relationship with people that drink your soft drinks, juices and waters.

There may not be many successful consumer loyalty programs or databases in Canada, especially those ran by company that does not have it as their core business.  But because the program has been around before other loyalty programs were around, and is so well integrated into a consumer’s life, it has stood out as a success.  And despite being a cumbersome process for some people, the prizes and contests make it worthwhile to go through the extra steps of entering your information online to become a registered user.

Are you an iCoke user?  What are your thoughts on the program and have you redeemed any prizes from the website?  Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “iCoke.ca – More Prizes But No More Instant Wins

  1. James

    I agree Ive been saying for yrs, one way to save energy in the world is to go back to looking under a cap and winning. It seems every pop company,fast food place, stores and more are all making people go online. I think in the end it saves them lots of money on unclaimed prizes, but really it took the same amount of ink to put u win or you lose as it does to put these pin codes. I say we need to go backwards with this problem haha


    1. BevWire

      Or have both instant winners


      PIN codes so you can satisfy both parties. Those that want to just get the prize right there and then, and those that will go home and enter the codes online for bigger prizes. 🙂


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