Xyience Gains Distrbution in GNC Nutrition Stores

Xenergy Cran Razz Jon Bones

Xyience has increased their presence in the U.S. energy drink market by gaining distribution to GNC stores across the nation.  In a recent press release, Xyience announces that four flavors will be available at nearly 2,000 GNC retailers – Xenergy Premium Mango Guava, Cherry Lime, Cran Razz and Xenergy Xtreme Fruit Punch (press release link here).

This is a huge win for both companies.  GNC has been exploring options to increase their revenues from existing customers; and stocking energy offerings like Xyience’s energy drinks may allow them round out a shopper’s spend in their nutrition stores.  For Xyience, this gives the company expanded footprint by penetrating an unconventional and alternative distribution channel.  In a stabilizing energy drink market (where sales are no longer double digit and growth is trending higher on recovery-related functional beverages), increasing distribution is paramount to acquiring new customers for sustained growth.  Xyience will be available in both refrigerated space and warm shelf space in GNC locations, meaning that the product will have more than a single point of interruption for shoppers and increasing their chances of acquiring new customers.  Xyience also current sells mass gainers and workout recovery products in some GNC outlets, making the connection to other Xyience products easier for existing GNC customers while leveraging on the success of the brand’s reputation.

Xenergy Fruit Punch Dan Hardy

Xyience also fortifies the beverage’s product position as an all-natural, sugar-free and calorie-free energy offering.  By placing the product in a health-focused setting allows shoppers to immediately make the connection that the product is healthy regardless of whether it actually is healthy (or at the very least, not detrimental to your health).  After all, would you expect to find unhealthy products in a health-focused retailer (ie. finding non-organic brownies or regular donuts in calorie-conscious nutritional setting)?  And because other Xyience products are healthy and available in GNC already, it is easier for the customer to make the connection that Xyience energy drink is also a healthy product.

The marketing and strategic moves made by this energy drink manufacturer are definitely paying off and helping them expand their network and overall growth.   From the partnership with  Ultimate Fighting Championship and its fighters, that includes product placement shots in the octagon and autograph signing events, to the female consumer secondary target consumer, to the increasing availability of Xyience products everywhere.  While all these things are different aspects of sales and marketing, they are all tied back to the overarching objective and present to the consumer a single, unified message.

Xyience is an energy drink brand that had successfully carved out a niche market, and its recent initiatives to penetration mainstream energy shows that it will be a company that other energy drink manufacturers should pay strong attention to.

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