XYIENCE – Front and Center on May 5 UFC

Xyience 2012 Lineup Collectors - GSP and BonesBevNet recently detailed that Xyience, the UFC-affiliated energy drink, will have their logo featured in prime position for the May 5 UFC matches (link here).  Xyience’s logo will be at the octagon’s center stage for the May 5 broadcast, offering both live and home television viewers many opportunities to connect the beverage’s partnership with the mixed martial arts league.

Xyience has always shown a willingness to invest marketing dollars in product placements and sports sponsorships as well as emphasizing traditional marketing.  These unconventional methods help the manufacturer grow smartly, reaching their target demographic (males 18-34) without any other similar products present.  Product placements work typically because the audience sees the product’s functionality in a normal setting without any strong promotions, whereas an poster/commercial will be overtly selling the product.   Since Xyience is a title sponsor for the UFC events, it would also be common for the athletes to be hydrated with Xyience products.  A better relationship to help the product grow will certainly ensue if the match’s winner drinks a can of Xyience upon victory.

Xyience 2012 Lineup Regular Line-up

Also helping their growth is their distribution strategy – BevWire detailed in a previous post that Xyience has gotten distribution in nutrition stores (link here).  Not only is the brand being found in your traditional grocery supermarkets, but they are also being found where shoppers look for nutritional foods and supplements.  This definitely expands their reach that is atypical for a brand their size.  Rockstar and Monster may have extreme event partnership and cooler barrels at these events, but the key to growth is to be top of mind with the consumer even when they are not at these events.  In this regard, Xyience may be beating their larger competitors because of their broader and more varied distribution network.

Xyience is making all the right moves to develop their brand and growth stronger, given their smart partnering and distribution ventures.  As energy drinks matures as a category, consumer may become bored of your traditional energy drink and look for options.  This UFC-affiliated beverage is certainly well-positioned to make a move with those bored consumers as they continue on their current path.

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