Updated Minute Maid Single Serve Packaging


New Minute Maid BottlesIt’s long overdue in the implementation process, but the new Minute Maid bottles have phased into the Canadian marketplace.  Originally launched in the U.S. in 2009/2010 for the full Minute Maid assortment, the single serve bottles appear to be the last ones to be change over to the new packaging.  This may be a result of the labeling changes as well, since the adhesive labeling is now replaced with the plastic shrink wrap.  Here in Canada, that change from paper labels to plastic shrink wrap only took place this past June (could be earlier, but that’s when it was noticeable in coolers and store shelves).  Judging that there has been no backlash on Minute Maid like the Tropicana fiasco, it would appear that this change is a success in the Canadian marketplace.

Ultimately it’s a sleeker looking bottle that places more emphasis on the bottle’s images than the bottle’s content.  With more of the content behind this whole bottle plastic wrap, this makes the product more dependent on the imagery and colors – sliced oranges and leafy green colors.  The bottle itself is also streamlined – gone are the wavy grooves from the previous iteration and replaced with a smoother grip-friendly shape.

While it may not change sales all that much, the new bottle certainly makes the juice brand more current by adapting to the stronger emphasis placed on beverage packaging.

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