Is Jones Soda Rationalizing Their Products?

Where will the beverage industry be without Jones Soda, as a beverage and as a company?  It appears the company is in slight disarray given their most recent news in the headlines.  The most current headline stated that their stock was recently delisted from the NASDAQ stock market and was suspended from trading on the index since September 20.  Prior to that there was a corporate restructuring that replaced Bill Meissner with Jennifer Cue as CEO and commentary indicated that they will be heading in a different strategic direction.

Jones Soda logo

This new strategic direction may have impacted their product portfolio as they continue to make changes to return to profitability.  There has been no mention of their seasonal limited edition soda flavors.  Jones Au Naturel – one of their previously heralded product launched – could not be found directly on their product website.  In order to find Jones Au Naturel, you would have to know the web address and type it in correctly, but I have included it here should you want to check out the still existing webpage (link here).  Their retired products page features more products than their current beverage portfolio (link here).  It seems like their new strategic direction is strictly streamlining their beverage offerings to their bread and butter: Jones Pure Cane Soda, Jones Zilch, and Whoopass Energy Drink.

Jones Products - courtesy of jonessoda.comGiven their current company state, they may be streamlining their product portfolio to conserve their investment dollars until further notice.  While it does make sense to go back to your roots, the beverage landscape is constantly changing and being mainly involved in producing premium soda may not be enough to sustain the standalone company.  Their track record of product launches into other categories have not been successful (refer to their retired products page), which may prove why they  would want to stick to their core offerings.  However, they should continue to try and penetrate new beverage categories (or create new beverage categories) after some strong market segmentation and evaluations.

After all, who knew premium soda could be that tasty and entertaining without companies like Jones Soda Co and Pop Shoppe?  Their core offering of premium soda got them to where they are today, but they must continue innovating and launching new products in order to propel them into the future.

Just think, where will the beverage industry be without Jones Soda and their insistence on glass packaging to preserve the optimum soda taste?  We’ll be left with mainly plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  So while Jones Soda is rationalizing their product portfolio, I hope it’s only temporary and that they come out with some more exciting products.

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