BevWire Interviews Zevia CEO Paddy Spence

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After my coverage that compared Zevia with vitaminwater, Extension PR (Zevia’s PR agency) noticed the post and offered BevWire an opportunity to interview with Paddy Spence, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zevia.  What started as a 5-question interview lasted nearly 25 minutes with many insightful answers and comments by Mr. Spence.  Click through to listen to the interview, which is BevWire’s first post to a newly started YouTube channel.

For those that do not have the time to listen to the entire interview, here are some quick highlights that the chat touched upon:

  • 4:50 – Mr. Spence describes the differences between Canadian and American consumers, and why Zevia is well-positioned for growth in the Canadian marketplace.
  • 6:16 – Zevia’s distribution method is dual-pronged and retailer-friendly.  With sales data uncovering insights that customers were buying multiple cans each shopping trip in conventional grocers, this channel was their first arena for market penetration.
  • 14:27 – Zevia’s competitive set was initially benchmarked against steaz, Hansen’s and Dry Soda in the natural soda segment.  As their market status evolved, it now compares itself to the larger subset of the diet and zero-calorie soda segments.
  • 11:02 Zevia’s barriers to growth is a combination of building awareness, availability, and affordability.  Paddy describes that having the stevia ingredient regulated has helped improve awareness.  For availability, it is secured distribution across major Canadian retailers like Loblaws, Sobeys, and Safeway.  On affordability, Zevia’s consumers are willing to pay a slightly higher price given its healthier enhancements.
  • 16:44 – Paddy Spence comments on product proliferation, stating that Zevia is unlike vitaminwater in a few different aspects.  For one, Zevia’s marketed as a platform brand.  Also confirmed during Paddy’s ending comments were that they will have dedicated advertising and promotion support to feature the entire Zevia product line.
  • 21:33 – Zevia’s describes their marketing strategy and the evolution from a heavy digital component to the inclusion of traditional media.

There were certainly more insights from the interview itself, but I tried to note down the above as a quick summary.  Should you find time to listen to the whole thing, you will find out more about Zevia’s next steps in terms of entering the Canadian marketplace.

Stay tuned for more Zevia developments and more BevWire interviews in the future!

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