Gatorade One More – Conscious Fitness

Gatorade recently kicked off new commercials to showcase a slight modification of their positioning.  Has anyone seen the Gatorade “One More” commercials?  The first one was to introduce Gatorade Frost, while the second one built on the foundation of what the words “One More” means.  While older commercials portrayed Gatorade as a valued aspect of a continuously winning athlete’s training regime (the Lightning Bolt commercial below), the “One More” series focuses more on delivering a message that personal training and perseverance is what leads to success.  Given that the sports drink’s tagline is “Win from Within”, which one of these two commercial series fit better with Gatorade’s message and communication?

Both commercials play a role in Gatorade’s “Win from Within” top-level messaging.  However, the order itself seems reversed, or even disjointed.  What may work better would be the One More series was launched first, or have the commercial extended to incorporate scenes from the “Lightning Bolt”.  As a summary, the “Lightning Bolt” commercial displays the development and purpose behind the beverage and culminates with the athlete’s penultimate.  The focus on this appears to be on how drinking Gatorade can ultimately lead to athletic success.  But how realistic is it for Gatorade alone to get you there?  Drinking Gatorade will not make you perform any better – unless you are disciplined with your training.  Which is the final scene about an athlete training in the bleachers.

Enter the “One More” series of Gatorade commercials.  These recent commercials illustrate a more realistic interpretation of the how Gatorade – or any hydrating beverage for that matter – can lead to athletic success.  The focus is on the training and pushing yourself to the limit.  And when you reach your limit, you do “One More”.  Similar to Al Pacino’s “Game of Inches” speech in the film Any Given Sunday, the commercial inspires to leave an image of rewards translated from your collective efforts.  That said, the final scenes in the commercial didn’t really showcase success in its most typical form like championships, champagne showers, and celebrations.

Ultimately, it may be best served to combine the two commercials into a single commercial spot.

How about leading off with the concept of Gatorade, followed by cuts to modern day training with the athlete pushing themselves to the limit, and ending with a championship celebration?

Of course, the development of the “One More” series of commercials may not have happened until Gatorade got a read on their “Lightning Bolt” commercial.  The development of “One More” may have been a response to what consumers and viewers thought of the previous series.  What are your thoughts: does the One More commercial inspires you to train harder?  And do you think that drinking Gatorade during your training regimen will lead you to glory one day?

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