Red Bull’s Story of Thanksgiving

Red Bull’s “The Story of Thanksgiving”. Courtesy of

Has you seen any Red Bull’s “Gives You Wings” commercials?  Of course you have, they have been running these cartoon-like commercials over the last few years.  Their latest take “The Story of Thanksgiving” puts a little humor on the how turkey became the holiday’s traditional meal.  A very simple and humor-filled ad, yet it gets the message across beautifully.  Here’s the ad below:

Similar to hearing the five-note melody define Coca-Cola, or seeing the golden arches define McDonald’s, most people are aware that this is a Red Bull commercial once they see the white background and cartoon-like figures.  We recognize who the advertiser is, and what product is being marketed.  Beyond recognition, the communication and message is simple.  Using humor, Red Bull is showing us how the turkey became the traditional Thanksgiving meal because it could not fly away like the pig, cow, or sheep.  Of course, this is ignoring the historical accuracy on timing and geographical references.

A smart way for the energy drink beverage manufacturer to insert itself into holiday conversations.  This commercial serves multiple purposes.  For one, it brings Red Bull’s “Gives You Wings” to life in a comical manner.  The advertisement clearly shows that without Red Bull and “wings”, the turkey could not escape disaster, bringing us all the enjoyment that we have enjoyed for so many years.  On a more intrinsic level, it reminds consumers to drink Red Bull to stay alert this holiday season.

Red Bull’s “Story of Thanksgiving”. Courtesy of

Very simple message (drink Red Bull this Thanksgiving) that also served a dual purpose to deliver humor.  While this commercial was targeted toward the American market, it could just as well have ran during the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday in October.  However, the likelihood of Red Bull centralizing their marketing communication for both Canada and the U.S. is fairly low, thus this ad only catered to the American consumers.

Does this help reinforce the Red Bull image of being your energy drink of choice this holiday season?

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