Coca-Cola Life: Open Your Good Nature

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Has anyone heard of the new Coca-Cola Life soda beverage?  At first glace, it appears that Coca-Cola may have played with their packaging to make their labels Green and added the word “Life” to it.  However, Coca-Cola Life really is a new Coke product.  Released in Argentina and Chile, this version of Coca-Cola is sweetened with both stevia and sugar, and contains 60% less sugar relative to a regular Coca-Cola.  BevWire has come across the following Coca-Cola Life TV commercial, see below.

It’s certainly an interesting commercial that has won over social media and critics alike, painting a simple yet powerful imagery on becoming a parent.  AdWeek’s review of the commercial calls it “brilliant” in showcasing the agony and ecstasy of  parenthood (article link here).  The tagline at the end of the clip is “Destapa Tu Naturaleza”, which translates to “Open Your Good Nature”.  So what about this commercial makes it resonate with consumers?

The commercial’s message is simple and easy to understand.  Using parenthood as an example, Coca-Cola Life shows how parents “open” their good-nature toward their kids.  The advertisement shows the evolution of the newly-wed couple’s house, from neat and tidy to messy and chaotic with children’s toys strewn everywhere.  It also shows how the parents reminisce on jogs in the park, but now bring diapers and the baby carrier to the park.  At the end, both mother and father were elated to add another child to the family despite the tribulations they have just gone through.  Keeping in line with their “Open Your Good Nature” tagline, it becomes evident that parents truly love their children even after all the frustrations and sacrifices.  Within 60 seconds, Coca-Cola Life has showed us the life of an adult that any parent can testify as accurate.

Did this commercial achieve its objective?  It appears that their objective is to establish a relationship with the consumer showing that Coca-Cola Life understands you and the sacrifices you make.  That being said, this commercial is on point.  Coca-Coca Life is not trying to sell you on the beverage alone – that type of advertising does not necessarily lead to long term gains.  They are trying to appeal to the viewer’s emotional side that since they understand your life, they understand what type of soda would be best for you.  A soda beverage that contains less calories and is healthier (relative to the other Coca-Cola products).

Aside from the marketing aspects, will this soda face the same problems that other mid-calorie sodas faced with the bitter aftertaste?  So far Coca-Cola Life is only available within Argentina and Chile with rumors of European launches to come some time in 2014.  If you come across (or have already came across) this beverage, please let me know how it tastes!

3 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Life: Open Your Good Nature

  1. Re: Taste of Coca-Cola life, it’s closer, but still not there. Not as bad as aspartame, better mouthfeel than Coke Zero, but still lacking. As I’ve said before, the biggest problem with diet sodas is trying to compare it with the original.


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