Coca-Cola Launches New Smaller and Slimmer Minicans

222ml Coca-Cola Classic - courtesy of

Coca-Cola has recently made a decision to launch the 222ml 90 calorie slim-line mini-cans to replace their 100 calorie 237ml minicans.  Unlike the 237ml mini-cans, the slim-line minis will only be available in Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Sprite.  That leaves out Canada Dry Gingerale, unless it is confirmed that they will also be making the gingerale in the 222ml cans as well.

These cans are an interesting development on multiple fronts.  For one, this new package size will attract the attention of  calorie-conscious consumers – those that want the beverage but still within a low-calorie setting.  Much like how 100 calorie snacks were the craze a few years back, the same calorie controlling options has slowly permeated the beverage industry.  Not that low-calorie beverages are anything new, but these extra 10 calories has strong psychological implications for consumers.  Consider how 99cents is considered drastically less expensive than one dollar because it is just under the dollar threshold.  Similarly, 90 calorie beverage alerts the consumer psychologically that they are taking in minimal calories – once you reach 100 calories, you are in a whole new calorie threshold.

Another interesting point is the packaging itself.  The cans themselves are not only slim and petite, but the also simple with red and white.  That said, the message that consumers see is the white script of the brand/product, and the nutritional information when the turn the can around.  This product reinforces the Coca-Cola brand equity as they condition consumers to only rely on the color to locate and pick up the product.

Third of all, what happens to Canada Dry Gingerale?  The 237ml Canada Dry Gingerale sells fairly well as store clerks indicate to me that it moves faster than Coke Zero, Sprite and sometimes even faster than Diet Coke.  Does this mean that they continue making the 237ml Canada Dry and stock it on the same shelf space beside the new 222ml Coca-Cola products?  Or does some other manufacturer now make this package for Canada Dry?  Or worse yet, is this a package that will be discontinued?

222ml Coke Mini Moment - courtesy of

In any case, it is noted that the positioning of the new slim-line mini-cans are targeting young mothers and primarily Canadian women over the age of 30.  Print advertisements along with point-of-sale displays will start showing up in grocery stores (such as Loblaws, Sobeys, Save on Foods and Walmart) starting in April and continue throughout the year.  That said, for those that really like the 237ml minicans, pick them up while you can because once they’re gone from the shelves, they will put the new slim-line 222ml minicans in their place.


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