Red Bull: now available in energy shots

Reb Bull energy shotRed Bull recently announced that they will also enter into the energy shots market.  They will be releasing an energy shot and a low calorie edition of the energy shot in June.  The two shots are 2 ounces (59ml) and contain 80mg of caffiene.  Red Bull will market these shots for about $2.79 individually or $4.99 for a two-pack.

Will Red Bull maintain is market leader position when they enter into the energy shots market?  It is hard to say.  Red Bull indeed grew the category for energy drinks, but 5-Hour Energy (Living Essentials) developed the energy shot market niche first.  Red Bull is coming into this market late, and the market leader is a copycat now.  The price point shows Red Bull understands their market position.  They will market the shots at $2.79, while 5-Hour Energy is currently selling their energy shot for $2.99.

It remains interesting to see Red Bull enjoy the kind of success they do given their limited offering (they only carry the regular energy drink and the sugarfree version).  However, Red Bull’s introduction of energy shots will bring many new customers to this market.  Red Bull loyalists may likely switch over to the smaller version that packs enough caffiene to get them through a few hours of the day.  Also, consumers may have been hesitant to try energy shots until a trusted company brand like Red Bull enters into the market.

Here’s to hoping that Red Bull transfers the success from the energy drink market into the energy shots market.

One thought on “Red Bull: now available in energy shots

  1. AmpedWithEnergy

    It will be interesting to see if Red Bull will be able to compete with 5 hour energy shot. Red Bull is probably one of the most recognized energy drink brands, so I’m sure it will not have a problem establishing themselves in the energy shot market.


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