Evian’s new ad campaign: Live Young

Evian Live Young

Evian Natural Spring Water recently introduced a new advertising campaign titled “Live Young.”  This campaign aims to attract the “youthful optimism” and features babies roller skating.  The PR release says as follows:

“Evian Natural Spring Water is precious and pure; a miracle of nature! Every drop of Evian takes more than 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps, providing uniquely balanced mineral composition and natural purity. It is only appropriate that the brand should depict babies, a universal symbol of what is precious and pure, and embody the unique attributes of Evian Natural Spring Water.

“Live Young™,” Evian’s new signature message, is the ultimate expression of Evian brand values, including origin, health and youth.

For the first time, internet and social media are at the heart of an ambitious media campaign, including:

  • Two viral “teaser” videos already viewed by more than 500,000 times since their launch in early June
  • a new website – http://www.evianliveyoung.com – already hosting the viral films and the eagerly-awaited film as of July 3rd
  • influential bloggers already a buzz, and who will continue to talk about the new Evian Live Young campaign
  • YouTube will host the ad on its homepage on July 6th
  • more than 300 websites will run the 100% digital advertising campaign throughout the summer”

The timing of this advertising campaign is followed by the recent announcement of Evian’s continued partnership with the Olympus US Open Series tennis tournament.  Evian will be the official bottled water vendor to both the players and live event viewers, making the 500ml and 1L bottles for purchase.

Evian says their partnership with the tournanent continues because both share the same values – origin, health, and youth.  It might not be a stretch to say that all sports share the values of health and youth, but how does tennis show origin?  Maybe as an original sport?  And can’t the same be applied to all other sports out there?  The tennis sponsorship works fine, but another sport may work even better.  The other characteristic that both Evian and tennis seem to share is “premium.”  Hence a golf sponsorship may also work well.  An Evian-sponsored golf open would pretty good.  Not to mention all the product placements that would be made possible with this type of sponsorship: golf clubs, golf cart car tops, golf bags, pin flags, and many more.  Not to mention, Evian’s colors are white, blue, and pink.  The color pink would make a golf sponsorship all the more attractive if a portion of proceeds went to breast cancer research (piggybacking off the pink color themes).  A golf sponsorship sure seems like a good idea for Evian to explore if they haven’t already looked into this.  Let’s hope they take notice of this post and try to make this happen.

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