Pepsi Next – the new 60-Calorie Soda

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An article from mentions that Pepsi will be launching another soda in the coming year (link here).  The industry critic from the linked article believes that the launch won’t meet expectations since other similar products have failed in the past (Pepsi Edge, Pepsi XL, and Coke C2 are the failed experiments).  Pepsi Next – a 60-calorie carbonated soft drink (CSD) partially sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and natural sweeteners – launches Summer 2011.  Pepsi is reported to be promoting their new product through Simon Cowell’s new tv program “X Factor” in addition to other strong advertising and marketing support.

Is there such thing as middle ground for consumers though?  Those that want full flavor will opt for the regular Pepsi, those that want diet will grab a Diet Pepsi, and those that want the full flavor with zero calories will choose Pepsi Max.  Will anyone choose mixed sweeteners and 60 calories instead of any of the already available options?  Consumers that are willing to sacrifice taste and ingest less calories will likely choose the Pepsi Max, and whereas consumers that want full taste and do not care about the calories would choose Pepsi, so where does that leave Pepsi Next?  Even Pepsi expects there to be some form of cannibalization, where one Pepsi beverage will be substituted by another Pepsi beverage.

It is clear that the soft drink market is declining and Pepsi is trying to establish a stronghold in other categories like enhanced water and energy beverages, but why would they introduce one more product into this category?  On the heels of Pepsi slipping from No.2 to No.3 in the United States, their solution appears to be introducing a new product that will cannibalize their own shares in a declining CSD market and confuse their customers with which Pepsi product to choose.  Why not focus your portfolio on the emerging products and gain a stronghold in those categories?

The old adage is that you never want to fix anything that isn’t broken, and Pepsi clearly is broken in that sense.  But with what the beverage organization has done: introducing new Pepsi beverage alternatives, a modified logo and constantly changing packaging, are any of these “fixes” actually helping the company?  I believe this is a move in the wrong direction, but only time will tell.


21 thoughts on “Pepsi Next – the new 60-Calorie Soda

    1. BevWire

      Hey Diane, the information about a 60 calorie Pepsi is true. If you’re in Iowa or Wisconsin in the US then you will be able to find the new drink in grocery/convenience stores. They are rolling it out in the two areas first as a trial test to see if it does well before introducing it nationally.

      Hope this helps!


  1. Kelli

    I am hoping for a mid calorie soda without so many calories and without aspartame which is becoming increasingly worrisome as far as the blood brain barrier and long term effects so I welcome a better choice. With type 2 diabetes on the rise and the fake sugar worry it may find a spot in the market. I am looking for some sort of compromise to choose from. I live in Iowa and haven’t been able to find Pepsi Next to find out exactly what ingredients are in it. I have been mixing my own soda creations with erythritol and sugar syrup and have come up with a 70 percent less sugar drink which tastes much better than diet soda and has enough sweetness to give a little sugar. It is kind of a pain to mix up though. but is a pretty good drink. I am looking for a drink that has that cola refreshing punch and is healthy enough for me drink and not feel guilty about all of the teaspoons of sugar or the after taste and questionable ingredient of diet. Thanks


    1. BevWire

      Hi Kelli,

      Interesting that you are creating your own soda mix to get the right levels of sugar and sweetness. Hope that you can find the Pepsi Next and it meets your expectations!


  2. Brendan

    I remember a similar venture a few years ago from Coca-Cola called Coca-Cola C2. I liked it, but it didn’t last long. My guess is that Pepsi Next won’t last long either.


    1. BevWire

      Hi Josee,

      Very good question but the ingredient list so far has been kept a secret. I’ve been told its blend of artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. So aspartame could potentially be part of the ingredients for the sweetener.

      Has anyone seen/bought one yet and seen the ingredient list on the cans?



  3. Dinkle Donk

    You are insane! Who chooses Pepsi Max? That stuff is nasty. I have been saying for years they need something halfway. I would have chosen like 30-40 calories, but I think this is a great start. Who will drink this? Well, there is me, and then anyone who doesn’t want to get super fat and still have a soda that tastes good.


  4. catwomn

    My Niece is in Japan and just told me about it. She wanted to know the ingredients because she doesn’t drink Aspartame (YES IT DOES CAUSE CANCER) and she was surprised she liked it. I will ask her to have someone translate the ingredients if they are listed.


  5. jason

    here are the ingrediants carbonated water,high fructose corn syrup,caramel color,natural flavor,phosphoric acid,sodium citrate,caffeine potassium sorbate,aspartame,citric acid,acesulfame potassium,sucralose hope that helps you all it tastes really good


  6. Peggy

    My husband started drinking Diet Pepsi years ago as a way of avoiding so many calories in regular Pepsi. He developed leg cramps. The doctors tried to treat them, with no success. I received many e-mails on the effects of aspertame. He read the e-mails and quit drinking Diet Pepsi. He has no more leg cramps! Coincidence, I don’t think so, as he tried to drink a Diet Pepsi and had leg cramps. He must have an allergy to aspertame. He needs a low calorie Pepsi with NO aspertame!!


  7. joyce

    as i opened up my mail today what a surprise. a coupon for the new and improved Pepsi Next.. 60 % less sugar.. ?..
    here are the ingrediants carbonated water,high fructose corn syrup,caramel color,natural flavor,phosphoric acid,sodium citrate,caffeine potassium sorbate,aspartame,citric acid,acesulfame potassium,sucralose. { thank you jason for the ingrediants} this sounds so yummy . there is know way i will spend my hard earned money on any CSD.. companys have fooled around with are foods for so long its know wonder we are so sick.. pepsi can keep the high fructose corn syrup and all the other crap they try to put in the soda to try and make us think that they have a cure for the people problems.. more and more people have gone to growing / canning many foods and the number one drink is {{{{{rum roll }}}}} PLAIN FILTERED WATER!!


  8. Brenda

    I as well as many more people became severely allergic to aspartame. I was happy to find Splenda as a sweetener because I do not want the calories. I will try this!


  9. sarah

    Oh this is definitely a fail. I got a free 2 liter with a coupon and I am so happy that I didn’t have to pay for it or I would have been very upset. This stuff is so nasty. I can usually deal with a diet soda, but don’t drink em, but the aspartame in this drink is just awful. I’ve always been a pepsi fan but this mess tastes horrible. Tried to find an link to complain to the company and guess what, surprising none…Go figure. The way they want you to contact them is thru facebook, twitter, etc….Really.


  10. brooks

    pepsi next is a bad drink it will hurt in the long run so please dont drink it.that all they want is your money and do not care if its bad for you.


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